10 Quick And Cheap Ideas To Improve Your Home

The truth is that with the return to the routine and the beginning of autumn we are many that we aim to improve the decoration of our home.

Today we recapitulated 10 very fast and cheap ideas so that your house changes in a very short space of time. What we like the express reforms !

It is something I repeat many times. No need to buy new things, or even make a big investment to see your home better. After all, what makes you a comfortable and pleasant home , so we will not complicate our life with reforms. But if there are some things you can do just about anyone to improve your house.
10 fast and cheap ideas to improve your home.

1. Fill your house with light

It is surprising the change that is achieved in any room alone with letting the light enter and project. If your house is painted in dark tones, it is a good time to consider a change. White tones, beige, gray, etc … are key to bring light.

If you have no choice but to use artificial light resorts to the LEDs (they spend much less).

2. New doors with paint

I already told you a few weeks ago, we are about to paint the doors of home to give a renewed air to them. You’ll have to wait a bit to see the result, but I’m sure you’ll like it.

This technique we applied earlier in my kitchen, and I can not be happier with the change.

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3. Spot-on switches with wallpaper

Over the years the switches of light catch a color a little ugly, or something outdated. If you want a quick and easy change, get them with wallpaper or washi tape. It’s very easy and fast.

You can also do it with paint, but it will have to be special paint for this use. Do not forget to ask in the usual establishment which is best for this use.

Tutorial and photo by Martha Stewart .

4. Recycle old furniture or change its use

It’s not a matter of buying new things, maybe you have a jewel in the house and you do not know.You can paint an old dresser or recycle a wooden staircase. It will undoubtedly be one of the most precious objects in your home.

A simple idea to improve the image of an old dresser is to line its bottom or front with wallpaper.It’s fast, and it hardly costs money!

Tutorial and photo by Marcela Cavaglieri
5. Old curtains? They have to go outside

Curtains are one of the things we do not change often. Sometimes it is for laziness and others for lack of budget, but in reality it is a very very fast change that always gives good result.

You know that now the trend is the blinds with screen fabric, but what never goes out of style are the traditional curtains in cotton, linen or silk. This season you will see a lot of velvet do not forget!

Seen on Deco Happy
6. The magic of order

This advice counts for any stay of our house. Order balances the mind, so make good use of it at home.
Ideally, taking advantage of the change of station put order in your closet, but also order is essential in the kitchen or bathrooms.

You know there are a thousand solutions. From recycled wooden boxes to baskets, or hooks that are hung on the wall. Anything is good for clearing bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens.

Hall in order work of Alchemy Deco
7. Betting on the board

Often we leave messages in the refrigerator or post it next to the pc to remember important things, why not do it on a blackboard? Take advantage of a bare wall in the kitchen, or make a square in some other visible area of ​​your house. The slate walls are still trend.

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8. All-seeing mirrors

If your living room is dim, or your hall is a few meters, or your bathroom is “tiny”, take advantage of the magic of a mirror. With their reflexes they will make the meters multiply. You will gain in light and above all in having a feeling that everything has grown.

You can make combinations of mirrors, or bet on only one, big and total protagonist.

9. Protect and decorate with frieze
The wooden frieze is a very simple to install and tremendously decorative choice. In a dining room will be the ideal complement to protect the walls on which we always support a chair. And in the children’s bedroom, for example, they will protect the wall from their little adventures.

Look how our friend Miren installed in her son’s bedroom. Easy, fast and unique.

DEF Deco
10. Go to the flying shelves

We often complain about lack of space to be able to have our things handy and orderly. By installing a flown shelf, we easily solve that problem.

In the market there are many different materials and finishes, but all have in common the easy installation and solve that need of order that we are looking for.


Are not they ideas that can easily be put into practice? You’ll tell us what you thought about it.More suggestions are accepted!

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