10 Wishes Only A Pregnant Woman Understands

Sweet foods, salty foods, stones, soap, earth are some of the most common and strangest wishes of a pregnant woman.

10 Wishes Only A Pregnant Woman Understands

At least half of pregnant women feel a desire for something special during pregnancy.

Some desires are fairly simple to satisfy as certain sweet, sour or spicy foods, others are more complicated to satisfy.

There is no explanation for this type of craving but it is thought to mean the body’s need to ingest more calories.

It may also be a reflection of a nutritional deficiency, such as anemia.

Pregnant wishes

If you are pregnant it is best to stop reading here, the continuation of reading can arouse desires. These are some of the most common desires in pregnant women.


Chocolate is at the top of the reference of pregnant women as desire, without being pregnant is already difficult to resist, pregnant is almost impossible. And then the wonderful chocolate with its huge varieties is a real perdition. Crepes with chocolate, bread with chocolate or simply our favorite chocolate.


Another quite common desire among pregnant women is ice, some women even eat cubes or crushed ice throughout their pregnancy.


The pickes are pickled vegetables, have a very characteristic taste and either like or hate themselves, the truth is that having a bitter drink are one of the foods most desired by pregnant women, so if you are pregnant have a reserve bottle .

French fries

When it comes to salty foods the package fries is at the top of the preferences, especially in the first few months of gestation.


Another very common wish, especially during the very fresh dawn with some ice stones and a lemon slice.


Started, boiled, scrambled eggs are quite versatile, but pregnant women prefer to eat this sweet fried delicacy and preferably combined with mustard and ketchup.

Ice cold

The ice cream is the sweet that we always have in the refrigerator, for those moments that need some comfort and something sweet, some pregnant women become true devourers of ice cream.

Citrus fruits

The bitter of some citrus fruits also satisfies the desire of some pregnant women, but if some prefer to eat other oranges they devour lemons.


Strawberries are the perfect fruit and have the color of passion, are delicious and fresh, sweet but not too much, they are perfect for finishing an evening with sugar, whipped cream or with chocolate.

Foreign mixes

If some pregnant women crave certain foods during pregnancy, others make rather strange concoctions, watermelons with honey, starched eggs with vinegar, ice cream with ketchup, or tomatoes with chocolate.

Most Expectant Pregnant Wishes

Due to some hormonal disorders some pregnant women develop some very strange desires, in these cases medical monitoring is necessary because they bring health problems.

  • Ingestion of soil or clay.
  • Ingestion of cigarette ash.
  • Ingestion of soap, naphthalene balls or chalk.
  • Ingestion of brick.