100 Years of Bras

He just turned 100 years it does not show at all. I am speaking of the bra that, in these days, cut this important milestone proving to be one of the few heads of lingerie that withstands the fads and trends, a leader of seduction but also synonymous with practicality and convenience. Undoubtedly, the head of lingerie most loved and worn by women all over the world. He has come a long way bra from 1912, when it was created the first prototype heiress Mary Phelps Jacob, until today where it is adapted to the needs of increasingly diverse women.

It is not hard to see why the bra has been a huge success, especially since the ’30s when they began to be placed on the market of cheaper models in nylon and rayon, and not just silk: you want to put the convenience of a bra than the tight corsets that our great-grandmothers wore under their clothes? But the bra, as I have already mentioned, has become in the 50s a real seduction boss thanks mainly to the figures pin up and the first models which increased breast volume due to air cushions. In short, we were very far from Wonder bra born in the 80s, capable of giving women a bigger size, but the bra, despite the setback in the 60s, is increasingly a glamorous and chic head.

It is no coincidence that the fashion houses, Victoria’s Secret all, sees these models with women’s underwear buying guide decorated with pearls and precious stones like evening wear. The rest of the bra is not only a leader who gives us comfort and convenience but also an instrument of seduction, a charm that you do not exercise just to others but mostly to themselves. Who does not like, moreover, mirror and admire with a beautiful bra wearing?