Corning Presents An Anti-Reflective And Anti-Bacterial Glass For Tablets And Smart Phones

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One of the major drawbacks when it comes to monitors, which is used in tablets and smart phones is that they are very sensitive to light reflections. It can be difficult to work comfortably on your tablet, while you’re on the road, and the Sun is shining. Fortunately, this will soon change, according to Corning.

Corning is one of the largest glass manufacturers such as producer Gorilla Glass, which is found in many tablets and smart phones. However, the company also develops an anti-reflective glass, where reflexes no longer will be a nuisance, and this will increase readability outdoors. The glass is shown in the picture below, but circle as you see in the middle is not a real hole. The glass in this circle is in fact equipped with an anti-reflective coating: You can easily see through it without reflectors.

Although it is a very important step forward, it is not the only interesting thing about this glass. The current Gorilla Glass may not shatter and resists scratches, and the improved version has a special anti-bacterial coating.

Corning is also working on a new kind of glass which is called Willow Glass. This glass is just as strong as a Gorilla Glass, but also thinner.

It’s an interesting trend that we see in the next generations tablets and smart phones. But it is not yet clear when the first products with this glass will show up on the market.

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Security: It can be dangerous for children to play with the tablets in the car

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It is, of course, fun with a tablet, but we must first and foremost take care of security.

Use your child a tablet in the car?

Use your child a tablet in the car

Now there are a lot of video games, which is both entertaining and useful for children, and in addition they may watch children’s films during a longer drive, so it is a good solution for a nice family trip – but be aware that experts reminds us to be careful.

If the car abruptly or you crash, straps are flying all the loose objects in the car from the passengers, and at worst, they can hurt anyone. A tablet that weighs 400 grams can beat with a force of 80 kilos, if car straps abruptly or crash, when the move is on 100 km/t. It can lead to serious damage, especially if such a tablet hitting the child in the head.
It is not necessary to refuse the children to use tablets or mobiles at a longer drive

Remember that it is not difficult to secure a tablet, so that children and young people in the back seat can use them safely. Vehicle accessories can be purchased at low prices, and a tablet holder, like attached to the head restraint, is a reliable and affordable solution. You just need to make sure that the unit fits into the holder.

If you are unable to attach your tablet or your mobile phone in the back seat, it is recommended to avoid to keep your device in head height.

Follow these tips, and so your family can enjoy themselves safely:) Have a nice trip!

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Use Your Face As A Password To Your iPhone

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One day you will have the opportunity to use your face to unlock your iPhone up, if the fingerprint is not safe enough for you.

Apple’s Face Detection Technology

Apple's Face Detection Technology

On Tuesday reported an Apple insider that there was a new invention called the “personal data devices which are managed using facial recognition”, in other words, this technology lets you unlock your iPhone up, by scanning your face. People are already surprised by facial recognition technology and Apple hereby promise safety up on a completely different level, since this technology is many investigators dream. Do not worry about your privacy, for using facial recognition technology, the correct owner of the phone can be identified, IE. It ensures that you keep a secret. Besides all this invention prevents theft of your precious phone. Over 1 billion Facebook members use this technology, and also the manufacturer of the Xbox Kinect camera one’s. It is time that such an aid will be available for all Apple fans.

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The new iPad 3 – see everything like never before

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Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, presented the new generation of the popular digital tablet or just the “new iPad” (New iPad).

The new iPad 3 comes with better fundamentals – better screen, camera, Wi-Fi connection. Everything that makes the new, third-generation iPad in position to offer so much more than you’ve ever imagine you.

Retina display is something that makes this device is special, most of all other improved features. The new iPad has 4 times more pixels than the iPad 2, razor-sharp text, richer colors. Retina-the screen turns all the iPad experience. So everything looks and feels incredibly vivid and perfect.

The new iPad has a million more pixels than HDTV

All you are doing with the iPad, you make through its big, beautiful screen. And when the screen is better, the whole iPad experience better. Retina display on the new iPad have a 2048 x 1536 resolution, 44 percent larger color device, and incredible 3.1 million pixels – on the same 9.7-inch space. It is four times more pixels than the iPad 2 and a million more than in HDTV. These pixels are so together that your eyes cannot distinguish it from a normal viewing distance. When you are unable to view pixels, you see the whole picture. Or the article. Or the game. On a made you never before could experience it.

Screen on the new iPad

The new screen is designed in a completely new way. Each pixels on a screen has multiple signals which tells when it should brighten up. But when you have a lot of pixels and a lot of signals on the same level, will be signals crossed and image quality suffer. In order to ensure that everything on the new iPad looks crystal clear, elevated the Apple engineers pixels on another level – to separate them from the signals. It is technology which is a breakthrough. Exactly like the new iPad though.

The new iPad (3)

Other features:
* Dimens joner: 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm (Hxwxd)
* Weight: 652 g
* Storage: 64 GB and 16.32
* Monitor: 2048 x 1536 pixels, Retina display, LED-backlit 9.7-inch (diagonal) screen with IPS technology with resistant oil supportive coating that protects against fingerprints
* Processor: Dual-Core chip A5X with quad GPU
* Camera: 5 MP iSight camera with auto focus, face detection, touch focus, HP 1080 p video, geolocation, accelerometer, gyroscope
* iPad battery: Li-Po av 42.5 Wh
* Battery life: 10 hours Web surfing over Wi-Fi, video spilling and music
* Connection: Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0, AirPlay on Apple TV and more

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Smart Camera Covers for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

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iPhone accessories are available in different designs, shapes and colors. There is an accessory that is minimalist, but there are also various covers and cases like transforms and changes the appearance of your Apple mobile. One such accessory is the cover for the iPhone we present today. It gives your iPhone a new look – namely a camera’s appearance.
iPhone 4 silicone case

Silicone protective case for iPhone 4

Silicone protective case for iPhone 4

This is a silicone case for iPhone 4, also compatible with iPhone 4S. It is made of soft, shock-absorbing silicone and have all the little details which are necessary to implement the transformation of your phone: lens, shutter and strap. The combination of pink and black gives this iPhone cover a modern and slightly amusing appearance, and is ideal for young people. Camera lens supports your phone, so it is very easy to show videos or images on your phone.
iPhone 5 silicone cover

Cover for iPhone 5

Cover for iPhone 5

Such a cover is also available for iPhone 5, but it is thinner and has no parts sticking out. This mobile cover is made of dense silicone, and it has no other intention than to protect your phone. This iPhone 5 cover also has the antistatic coating, which prevents dust from settling on the phone. It provides good protection and is available in several colors.

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Tips And Tricks: Get More Out Of The Galaxy S5

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Samsung’s powerful flagship, Galaxy S5, is an advanced mobile with brilliant features, but are you getting the most out of it?

Samsung Galaxy S5 tips

Today we present 3 tricks to help you use your Galaxy S5 smarter

Take screenshots on your Galaxy S5

It is a very easy and convenient feature, but many Android users don’t know how to take a screenshot on their mobile. This can be done in two ways:

1. mode: press the home button and the off-and-power button at the same time. As easy as that!

Take a screen shot on Galaxy S5

2. way:

Set the side of your hand on the left side of the screen
Drag it over to the right
That’s it.

Take screenshot with FireGestures on Galaxy S5

It is possible thanks to FireGestures- feature, and it must be enabled automatically.

Target heart rate with your Galaxy S5

One of the coolest Galaxy S5 features is the built-in heart rate monitor, which is used via S Health app. Just set your finger across a field next to the Flash on the back, and let the app measure the pulse.

How do you measure pulse rate with Galaxy S5

Assets single-hand control

If you would like to use your Galaxy S5 with a hand, it can be a little difficult because of the device 5.1-inch screen. That is why Samsung created a cool feature which is called single-hand control. How can you activate it:

Go to settings, Sound & display > single-hand control > Turn it on by clicking on the button at the top right

Do you have any other tips or questions? Write in the comments box.

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How To Download Youtube Videos For Your iPad

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So you want to play something from YouTube? There are many videos, but it can happen that you do not have access to the Internet. That is why it is smart to remember that it is possible to download videos from YouTube, so you’ll see them later and without internet connection. And it’s completely free! Learn how.

iPad tips: download YouTube videos

iPad tips - download YouTube videos

1. You must use the Video Downloader Super Lite – you can find the app in the App Store, and there is both a free and paid version. Download the free version.

2. open the app when you are finished downloading. (The app will automatically display the category Browse through, and it must have YouTube as default page.)

3. click on the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the screen, and then type your keywords into.

4. Click on a video you like, and it will automatically make the buffer and play it.

5. Soon as a pop-up box will come up – click on Storage in memory.

6. In the category Downloads you can check the download status or get access to the videos you have downloaded. The videos can be played only in the actual app.

Video Downloader Super Lite is compatible with iOS 5 or newer.

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Speck CandyShell Flip cover for iPhone 4S

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Today’s tips – a cover that protects your iPhone 4S from unwanted scratches, damage and shock.

Speck is a company which produces various kinds of protective bags and covers. Speck CandyShell Flip iPhone 4S cover is better, stronger and more durable than any other found on the market.

CandyShell Case for iPhone 4S

CandyShell Case for iPhone 4S

Speck CandyShell Flip mobile cover is a durable cover with a durable flip cover to the back. The cover protects against various scratches and shock, and makes your iPhone 4S easily slides in and out of the Pocket and bag. iPhone 4S accessories from Speck combines flexibility and functionality. Soft interior and strong enough on the outside, and this iPhone 4S cover is the best protection. But the cover protects only the back and corners of the iPhone 4S, and it is best to get an iPhone 4S screen protector for your phone to provide the best possible protection against various scratches. offers a lot of different mobile cases and screen protectors for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG and BlackBerry.

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5 Tips For Getting Faster Wi-Fi Streaming

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It is always frustrating with a slow internet connection, but sometimes the problem is in your Wi-Fi, and you can even fix it.

Today we have prepared 5 simple tips that will help you make your Wi-Fi streaming faster. The best part is that it is completely free, and you can do it yourself in 5 minutes:)

1) Run a speed test
The quality of your internet connection depends of your ISP (internet service provider). It may be that you have a good internet connection, but that it will be disappointingly slow in the evening, when everyone is home. It may be that the speed will vary, so your internet is slowly – and sometimes it would you not. Go to and check out speed. If you are not getting at least 80 or 90 percent of what your ISP promised you, we recommend you to make contact with them.

2) Run a ping test
Speed test measures the speed based on bandwidth from your service provider, and a ping test, measuring latency. We recommend going to and test your internet connection. You will get a overview with figures “ping” (measured in milliseconds), as well as a character – A, B, C, D, E or F, where A is the best, and they show how good your connection is for streaming and online games.

3) Check on family members streamer or using torrents
Streaming, downloads via torrents, HD-video games and similar intensive activities can lead to slower Wi-Fi. A router can support lots of connected devices, but it’s all about what these units are working with, and what they are doing on the net. If all looks Netflix at the same time, or if any streamer or using torrents, it can “eat” the connection. Remember that distance plays an important role: If multiple devices are in the process of intensive activities, but is very close to the router, you probably won’t experience any problems.

4) Check if other wireless devices are “in the way”
Sometimes it can happen that the older cordless phones, wireless speakers, microwave ovens or even a baby alarm interferes with the router’s signal. And that’s just some of a range of common gadgets that use the same frequency as most routers – 2.4 GHz. move like the router away from these devices.

5) Restart router
The good old way to fix technical problems on: restart. A reboot of the router can always help – so it will restart all its systems. If your router has a reset button, then hold it for several seconds, or just remove the power cable from the power switch and wait half a minute.

Hope that this helps, and we tell like in the comment box which sort of tricks you use to improve your Wi-Fi streaming at home:)

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Talk Mandarin Fluently, And Italian As Easy As Nothing!

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For those of us who have lived a few years, it may seem like a dream for the future, which have come true: now you can understand what a human being on the other side of the globe (or in a neighboring country) says, without having studied the language 5 years at University.

How is it possible? Magic? The Skype logo

It’s really quite magical the Skype team has now been created. With Skype Translator you can actually communicate over the Internet with another human being “live” with audio and vivid image capture, although in two chatting completely different languages. Skype with Skype Translator came about a year ago – then as an app for Windows 8. It is now integrated in Skype’s desktop version, and can thus be used by Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10-users.

What about the Japanese? And Norwegian?

Skype Translator is provisionally available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, mandarin and Spanish, and several other languages will get to eventually. It applies the “live” version of the application, with video and audio conversations. 50 languages are already available for you as would written translation to or from a different language. Over the next few weeks, Microsoft will update the application, and a new translation button will be shown in the interviews. “It has been a long time dream to Skype to break down language barriers and bring everyone across the globe closer together,” explains Microsoft’s Skype team. Tentative support this ap Windows only, and no one knows when it will be available for Mac or iOS/Android, but we’re pretty sure that it’s not going to last long.

How does Skype Translator?

You can call nearly all who have Skype, but they must have Skype Translator preview software installed. Preliminary works the best on desktop versions. The app translates the conversation to a different language in real-timer, and the other person responds to you, will be translated back into your language. You can view a transcript of the conversation on the screen, while the conversation is taking place. In addition, one can therefore send written messages in 50 languages. A sample version is available for Windows 8.1.

Here you can download the trial version of Skype Translator from Windows Store.

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Here Comes Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 … in Three Sizes!

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Samsung has officially announced a new series of middle-class tablets which includes three different versions of Galaxy Tab 4 tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0, Loss 4 10.1 and Loss 4 7.0.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

All three tablets running Android 4.4 KitKat, has a 3 mega pixel primary camera and 1.3 mega pixels front camera, and have a nucleus of four 1.2 GHz processor. When it comes to memory, has the 16 GB, but there is also an 8 GB version of a 7-inch model. It can be expanded up to 32 GB with a microSD memory card if one appropriates a Wi-Fi/3G model. Really more than enough for everyday use.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

When it comes to screen sizes, it is quite logical: Loss 4 10.1 has a screen of 10.1 inch, Loss 4 8.0 with a screen of 8 and 4 7.0 on 7 inch Loss. All three have the same solution WXGA (1280 x 720 pixels at), and therefore has a loss 4 7.0, the minimum of them, the highest pixel density (215 DPI).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

“Multi Window”-multiple Windows at the same time: this is a super handy feature which users may already be familiar with from Galaxy Note II. Function makes it possible to display two apps side-by-side or drag and drop something easier, and therefore improves the overall user experience, and your productivity.

Tablet Pcs also has some interesting and practical apps like Group Play, Samsung Link and WatchON, and they will be shown in the second quarter of 2014, available in black or white.

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Samsung Galaxy 3 vs Galaxy Note 3 Neo

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Less than a month ago launched the Samsung a less and a slightly cheaper version of the popular Galaxy Note 3 – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Neo is more modest when it comes to specifications, with a 5.5-inch screen, 2 GB RAM and an 8-megapixel camera, but it has a chip with six cores.



Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Neo is slightly smaller and thinner than Note 3, but even if you put the two next to each other, it will be difficult to detect the differences. Neo looks like its predecessor – it has the same removable back cover in artificial leather and recognizable hem along edges. When you remove the back cover, you will get access to the battery and microSD-track, where you can add more memory. S Pen is on its place in the lower-right corner of the phone. If it is less, you will not be able to operate the Galaxy Note 3 Neo with one hand.



Samsung’s latest tablet Mobile has a 5.5-inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, resulting in 267ppi pixel density. It is smaller than 0.2 inch Galaxy Note 3, which has a 3.5-inch screen with a Full HD display and 386ppi pixel density. Neo may not have as sharp and accurate a display as Note 3, but it’s still a pretty good screen. The colors, contrast and synsvinkelen are fantastic, and you can adjust the color saturation to your liking.

Performance and memory

Note 3 the Neo has a hexacore Exynos processor, IE. a dual-core Cortex A15-prosessor clocked to 1.7 GHz and a quad-core Cortex A7 clocked to 1.3 GHz. It is slower than 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800/the 1.9 GHz Exynos processor as exist in Octa 5 Note 3. Neo has a good performance, without delays, but if you want to play more demanding games, so you may experience some problems. Grafik processor forwards is better than in Note 2, but weaker than in Note 3. Neo running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean unlike 4.4 KitKat on Note 3, but with regard to the resolution is smaller, it shouldn’t be a major problem.

Note 3


Samsung Galaxy 3 Neo has an 8-megapixel camera with LED Flash, which can take pictures at 3264 x 2448 pixels and up to 1080 p videos. On the other hand, have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a 13-megapixel camera that can record 4 k-4128 x 3096 photographs and videos. The images are extremely detailed, accurate colors and bright, and it certainly puts the Neo 3s 8-MP camera on the list of the best mobile cameras. Galaxy Note 3 Neo has a number of interesting features, options and choices, exactly as the top model.

Samsung Galaxy 3 Neo may not be as great as Note 3, but it is still a good phone that does not sacrifice too much when it comes to specifications.

Creative Labs Aurvana In-Ear2 Earphones – Stylish Headset with Advanced Features

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A stylish headset with advanced features with acoustic performance in high quality, powerful bass and good sound reproduction. Aurvana In-Ear2 headset features a comfortable fit, AuraSeal in-ear design and provides an advanced sound insulation of up to 95%. The stylish design and the advanced features will take your audio experience to a whole new level. The headset is the perfect iPhone 4S accessories. Visit this website to get more information on Creative Labs Aurvana In-Ear2 headset and compatibility.

Aurvana In-Ear2 headset

Aurvana In-Ear2 headset

Technical specifications:
* Product Type: In-Ear Headphones
* Model: Headset with cable
* Frequency response: 15-16000 Hz
* Sensitivity: 110 dB/mW
* Impedance: 42 ohms
* Connection: 3.5 mm gold-plated plug
* Cable length: 1.2 m oxygen-free copper cable
* Accessories: Bag, air adaptor, cleaning cloth, 10 pairs earphones (small, medium, large)
* Weight: 11 g

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Protect Your Laptop With Booq Boa Squeeze Laptop Bag

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When you buy a laptop, you probably want to take it with you on the job, on vacation, etc. In order to transport the valuable gadget in a secure manner, you need a good laptop bag. Booq Boa Squeeze is a stylish backpack for laptop computers and extra accessories.

Squeeze Backpack
Squeeze Backpack

Booq has presented a new laptop backpack that is fully adapted to the creative professionals and Apple products. Boa Squeeze have special rooms for the MacBook, iPad and iPhone. The fit also to 13″ to 15″ laptop and lot of other gadgets like tablets, smart phones, documents, chargers and so on.

Although it has many pockets, works Boa Squeeze not great, but elegant. The exterior material is somewhat robust, made of waterproof nylon.

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A Galaxy S3 Bag Stand: A Leather Cell Phone Case

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If you have paid a high price to get Galaxy S3, so you should keep it in as good condition as long as possible. Galaxy S3 is also a beautiful unit with its elegant design, and therefore you might want to highlight its appearance or to get the most out of it with some of the most chic Galaxy S3 accessories.

Leather Cell Phone Case With Stand

Such accessories on bridgat which are both protective and functional, are Galaxy S3 Rotary leather case with stand. Galaxy S3 bags with tripod can be very handy at home or at the Office and this particular bag can turn into a stand that swivels 360 degrees and have many different points of view. You can watch videos on your Galaxy S3 or you can make free Skype calls in both horizontal and vertical position.

Leather Cell Phone Case With Stand

Your smart phone is held in place thanks to an inside cradle that doesn’t slide and the soft fabric on the front of the flap keeps your screen free of scratches. Your phone is totally protected, yet you have free access to all its features.

Mobile bag for S3

Mobile bag for S3

Specially designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S3’s swivel Galaxy S3 bag in leather, and are available in various colors to suit people’s different needs: green, pink, black, orange, purple, red and blue.

Fastfit Armband From Belkin – Take Your Music Anywhere

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A practical protection against water, dirt, dust and scratches.

Mobile bracelet is a difficult useful iPhone accessories, for all who do not want to risk losing his iPhone while jogging, or trainer. Belkin armband for iPhone keeps your phone safe whilst you train. It is a simple and convenient protection for your iPhone 4 and your headphones.

FastFit armband for iPhone 4

FastFit armband for iPhone 4

The bracelet is made of a waterproof, washable and sweat-resistant material. It is quite easy to access to all the phone’s ports, buttons and functions. It is also openings for headphones, so that you can listen to your favorite music while you coach. FastFit bracelet is available in black color.

* Manufacturer: Belkin
* Model: iPhone sports bracelet
* Product: FastFit Armband from Belkin
* Compatibility: iPhone 4
* Waterproof, washable

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Cheap Headset for iPod and iPhone – Plantronics Backbeat 116

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Plantronics Backbeat 116 headset provides high audio quality. The neodymium based micro speakers offers a great sound to your favorite music and clarify the management and the calls. The headset is brightly colored, with a brushed-metal finish. See wholesaleably for detail item information and discount sale. Compatible with the iPhone’s, most smart phones and MP3 players. This Backbeat 116 headset with microphone is the perfect replacement for the Apple headphones and is also perfect for those who want comfort, style and a good sound.

Cheap Headset for iPod and iPhone

  • Easy to use with a button for call and music control
  • Scale anodized metal finish
  • Discreet built-in microphone for convenient call
  • Neodymium micro speakers provide excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, most smart phones and MP3 players with standard 3.5 mm Jack plug
  • Amazing as accessories for iPod and iPhone.
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The Top 3 Products To Protect Your Screen

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Our mobiles are an important part of our everyday lives, and it is no wonder that we are trying to protect them. As mobile screens are so vulnerable, we present products which helps you to protect the screen of your mobile.

# 1 PanzerGlass

PanzerGlass protective film

You may remember that we wrote to your smart phone can survive hammer and scalpel? If you’ve read what we wrote on our Google + page, you know that PanzerGlass is ultra-strong and a reliable screen protection from Denmark. PanzerGlass is for 9 times harder than glass! It is not strange that their products are among the most popular products on our pages. Just search for “PanzerGlass” in our online shop, and you’ll find a nice protection for all kind of mobiles, tablets, and more.

# 2 Crystalusion Liquid Glass-protection

Crystalusion Liquid Glass is an advanced way to protect devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and laptops, thanks to nanotechnology. It’s easy to use Crystalusion Liquid Glass-protection, and you get 100% bubble-free wear protection, water and moisture, as well as 99.9% of bacteria! It sounds almost impossible, but Crystalusion Liquid Glass has not been so popular for no reason! If you appreciate the environment, it is good to know that this product is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Here you can obtain Crystalusion Liquid Glass, and below you can check out how easy it is to use the:

# 3 Good, old protective film

Screen protection

# 3 is not just a product, but a kind of screen protection. And not just one kind of screen protection, but the most popular kind of screen protection on the market: protective film. If you prefer a more common way to protect your cell on, so of course we recommend a protective film. On our pages you can find a number of protective film, so it’s just about choosing. Protective film is usually cheap and thin, and they do not affect the touch screen sensitivity. We make sure that the protective film we sell is genuine high-quality products, and in addition, you can select the protective film, which absorbs light so your mobile will be protected, while at the same time it will be easier to use it in sunlight.

Which of the 3 products do you prefer?

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Simple and Elegant Betasphere Diamond Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker

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Betasphere HR 800 Bluetooth speaker is a powerful and superbly designed Bluetooth accessories with two small speaker drivers and a sub-woofer dressed in a beautifully designed box.

Betasphere HR 800 Bluetooth speakers
Betasphere HR 800 Bluetooth speakers

Despite its compact size, you can play your favorite music with a clean and nice sound and you can screw the music surprisingly high up when you want a musical boost, especially if you have a party out in the open, such as the beach or the garden. The speaker is easy to take with you on the go, and also has a built-in microphone, so you can use it for hands-free calling when the phone rings. The wireless range is at least 10 meters. As for the battery, it can play music for up to five hours, hereafter it needs to be recharged by a USB cable. BetaSphere Bluetooth speaker is a really good Bluetooth accessories and are available from a2zcamerablog in Diamond Black and Diamond White.

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Motorola Moto X 2014

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Motorola launched Moto X in august 2013, and then came the 2014 Edition, Moto X 2014, in September – a little over a year later.

Motorola Moto X 2014

Motorola Moto X 2014 is now one of the most popular phones in Denmark, and you will be surprised how many customers who are looking for this particular cell or corresponding accessories! Today we will compare Motorola Moto X 2014 and its predecessor, Moto X from 2013.

The difference between Moto and Moto X X 2014: Improvements, appearance and specifications.

Motorola Moto X and Moto X 2014

When it comes to appearance, phones are relatively similar, but Moto X from 2014 is slightly larger, and it is designed to look even more elegant. It measures 140.8 x 72.4 x 10 mm and weighs 144 grams. Unlike its predecessor, Moto X 2014 waterproof, but it is not IP-certified, which means that it can withstand rain, snow, a little water, etc. but we do not recommend that you expose the water for no reason. (Although we know that it can be fun to immerse a mobile in water, such as many Xperia Z-users do)

The heir of the aspirations for Moto X has a slightly larger AMOLED screen (5.2 inch) with a higher resolution and pixel density (1080 x 1920 pixels and approximately 424 dpi). Depending on the model, can Moto X 2014 acquired with 16 or 32 GB of internal memory – unlike the model from 2013, which was also available with 64 GB of internal memory.

When it comes to other important specifications, there are several improvements in the Moto X 2014:

– Better main camera: 13 MP main camera with dual LED blits, HDR, geo-tagging, and other features
– Better chip: Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801-chip
– Better battery: Li-ion 2300 mAh battery with 48-hour “endurance rating”

Moto X and Moto X 2014 in Denmark

Both when it comes to Moto X and Moto X 2014, it was a question of whether they would be available in Denmark, but both models are available in this country, and it is a good news for all Motorola-fans. You can buy Moto X 2014, as well as its predecessor and other phones from Motorola without subscription in our store. And remember that we offer all kinds of mobile accessories, so you can find the equipment to your Motorola on these pages.

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Christmas Tips-cheap Christmas Gifts and Boxes

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Do you need cheap Christmas presents under 200 dollars? No problem, because you’ve come to the right place! Fortunately, prepared a practical Christmas gift guide, which helps you find great but cheap Christmas gifts in the simplest possible way. Read the Christmas ideas and get inspired!

Christmas gifts for adults: Universal Belkin car holder

Here is an amazing and multifunctional universal car cradle with suction cup which is easy to use and fit for several different mobile phones. It is handy to know that this holder can be used while you have a cover on.

Christmas gifts for teens: JVC sports headset

JVC HA-EBX5 S-E In-Ear Headphones

If your teenager is sports oriented, you have here the perfect gift for ham/ may. Today we are a pleasant JVC recommends -headset specifically designed for training activities. The beautiful ear clips fits perfectly in your ear and stuck, while you grow your favorite sport.

Christmas gifts for children: Ansmann Starlight lamp

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a child. So have you found one! Here is a fun night light shaped like a cute little turtle, just as your child will love. This lamp can switch colors automatically, or by single magical touch.

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Play PAC-MAN on Google Maps with More

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With 1. April came a series of surprises, and today we write about 2 great April fool from Google.

Google April

People the world over are deceiving each other today. Here are some of the best-known April fool:

In 1957 the BBC showed in his television program Panorama people from Switzerland, which harvested spaghetti from trees
In 1997 wrote several British newspapers the Government had negotiated a deal in place with China: United Kingdom would keep Hong Kong, but China would then have Northern Ireland.
In 2008 claimed underpin the Statkraft in Norway that they could make energy from stars.

Google has fun 1. April:
Play PAC-MAN on Google maps and greet at Panda

PAC-MAN on Google maps!

PAC-MAN in the vicinity of a Google store in Copenhagen

Will you play PAC-MAN on Google Maps? Now it is possible. But you must hurry you, for PAC-MAN visiting only Google Maps in a very short period of time! Just click on the button in the lower-left corner of the Google maps.

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Nokia Oro – A Luxury Smart Phone in Gold and Leather

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When we say gold thinking you maybe jewelry. But when the word “gold” will be added to the “Nokia”, we get a new smart phone with a touch of luxury. Nokia Oro is the best version of the Nokia C7. While C7 is a good Symbian-based phone, the Nokia Oro the latest version of the operating system “Anna” and specially designed themes to match the unique design of the phone. This smart phone is plated with 18-karat gold, and its presence is synonymous with elegance.

The back cover is made of genuine leather. If you are a person who is very aware of style and attracted to luxury, then this phone is perfect for you! The new “Anna” mobile phone makes a strong and lasting impression, and you can make it even better with Nokia Oro accessories, which you can find on our website.

Nokia Oro

Nokia Oro

Nokia Oro has an AMOLED touch screen with 3.5 inch capacity HD resolution, an 8 Mega Pixel camera with locked focus, the ability to record HD video as well as a dial LED Flash, 8 GB of internal memory plus. Despite its emphasis on 132g, remains very thin and light Smart phone Nokia Oro for a 3.5 inch unit.


-Dimensions: 117.3 x 57.5 x 12.2 mm
-Weight: 132g

– Capacity AMOLED touch screen, 16 m colors
– 360 x 640 pixels screen size: 3.5 inch,
– Distance sensor
– Orientation Sensor (accelerometer)
– Multi-touch

3264 x 2448 – 8 Mega pixels, pixels, locked focus, dual LED Flash, geotagging, face detection, 720 p video transadddot 25 fps, secondary VGA camera

Get the most out of your new smart phone with Nokia accessories from indexdotcom. Check out our selection of mobile bags, mobile covers, for better protection for your precious new phone.

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Power Bank: A Smart Solution To The Charging Of Your Mobile

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After all, it is frustrating when your device runs out of power, and we have all experienced such a situation. Today we present a couple of stream banks, which can save you:) And a part of them is not only power banks.

Battery is out of power

Battery is out of power

2-in-1: table lamp and power bank

table lamp and power bank

Here is a practical solution where you both get light and a way to charge your smart phone on. It is handy to have this power bank in the car.
Out on the trip never use… especially with a Foldable Solar Power Bank!

Foldable power bank which uses solar energy

Foldable power bank which uses solar energy

Now comes summer, and if you want to socialize outdoors, so can this power Bank to charge your mobile. So you can play music and relax without being afraid that your phone runs out of power. And in addition, the device sold on Wholesaleably is much cheaper and environmentally friendly since it uses solar energy. Really fine!

When we’re talking about music – why not a 2-in-1: speaker and power bank?

Speaker and power bank

Speaker and power bank

If you like to grill and socialize outdoors, so you can enjoy even more with good music. This unit charges your smart phone and lets you play music at the same time. It is not just an external battery, but also a speaker! And the device can also be used as a phone holder ?

Water-and dustproof power bank for the adventurous

Dustproof and waterproof power bank

Dustproof and waterproof power bank

This water dense little unit is very strong and practical. Why is the perfect for the summer holidays, because you do not have to think about whether your mobile will run out of power and relax when you have power Bank with.

P.S. it has also LED indicator and built-in flashlight

Which of the 4 do you like best?

Remember that you can find a lot of different models at our site: go to the mobile batteries, select your model, and you’ll find batteries that suits your device.

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Creative EP-3NC Noise Reduction Earphones

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Creative Labs EP-3NC active noise reducing headsets are a pair of headphones which has advanced features as active noise reduction, ergonomic in-ear design with soft silicon earphones and an amazing sound insulation, crystal clear sound with deep bass for use with all digital devices.

This hove deset is built to deliver a delicious audio, whether you are in the quiet of your own home, in the subway or car. Creative bridgat noise reduction mount headphone jack uses advanced technology to eliminate background noise. There is also a handy built-in monitor function so you can hear background noise when you want, without removing the headphones. And a AAA battery that provides up to 100 hours of audio, so you should replace batteries less often.

High-quality 9-millimeter neodymium magnet units in the EP-3NC headset provides incredible audio. No matter what your favorite music is providing these mount headphone jack maximum output with deep bass tones and balanced sound. It is also a 1.3-meter, oxygen-free copper cable and gold-plated connectors for continuous voice and transferring music from your favorite player for headphone. The high quality of your audio experience is ideal to play digital music.

Creative EP-3NC Headset

Creative EP-3NC Headset

For a clear sound and complete listening experience, no matter where you are, give the ergonomic in-ear design passive noise isolation less noise. And because comfort is high-quality audio experience, delivered crucial for each pair of headphones with three seen soft silicone earplugs, so to can choose a size that fits your ear.

Creative EP-3NC headset comes with a cleaning fluid and Air Combo Adapter, and are supported by a one-year limited warranty.

– Active Noise Reduction circuit, which works to reduce up to 90% noise.
– Noise reduction with ergonomic in-ear design, passive option, which works without battery.
— built-in function to monitor background noise when you want to hear
– Battery life of up to 100 hours of listening of music, with a AAA battery.
– Mount headphone jack for use with all types of digital media.

Technical specifications:
-Brand: Creative Labs
– Headphones: In-ear
– Headphones Technology: Binaural
-Weight: 27 g (without packaging)

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