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Today, we talk about jewelry for the men who are fond of accessories. It is absolutely not feminine to wear jewelry as a man. On this article, you will see examples of jewelry with a raw edge, which gives an extra oomph to the manly. The internetages has an interesting range of male rings, most of which are coarse with symbols. It can be a star, skulls, or uniform rings with beautiful patterns engraved in the ring. In addition, there are also a few different leather bracelets from some well-known jewelry store and brands. Some are without the pendant and some are in the shape of skulls, lions or a gun.

Costume Jewelry for Men

View the beautiful, rough range of jewelry for men!

The internetages also has the bracelet in silver and without pendants. Some bracelets are open and have a small opening, while others have a closing system and usually form a pendant in itself. Leather wristbands are available both in the black and in the brown leather, and in some cases they will lie in several layers around the wrist. There are also individual bracelets with rivets, which give a tough biker look. You can find simple, thin necklaces with pendants, which are more or less religious. It can be triangles, crosses, anchors and similar symbols. You can read about the materials, closure type and size by clicking on the products.

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