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Your fingers will be the first part to feel the cold winter season! Mitts are the obvious choice for those who want some extra warmth in your hands, either while you go walk in the woods, taking a bike ride at work or having your usual evening walk. Heavy lined mittens around your hand will give pleasant warmth while you’re out in the biting cold. Try to imagine the feeling of the soft gloves on your hands while you are out. Feel the heat spreading out to your fingertips, and keeping you warm while you are outdoors. With these protective materials on your hand, you don’t have to be an icy feeling to move outdoors in winter. You can instead enjoy the refreshing outdoor experiences either alone or together with friends and family.

Mitts for Men

This collection of mitts stands out from other gloves with its durable materials, which are naturally suited to hold on a pair of ski poles. Flippers are a good choice for your skiing holiday. Some gloves are made as finger gloves with a flap to put over your fingers, and turn into mitts. We know almost all the situation where someone calls us while we are outdoors. You will be forced to take off the gloves to be able to pick up the phone. With these special gloves you will not have to take the whole glove off and take the unnecessary freeze. Dive into our exciting range of mitts for men in our online shop, where you can be well prepared for the winter experience.

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