How to Wear Retro Dress?

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Every season at least one model of retro clothes is high. The pieces that give a touch more special to your look and even being considered “old”, they remain super trendy. Especially during the summer they reappear and worth always meet new tips on how to use them. Here are some ways to use retro dresses and different the times.

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Delicacy and Romanticism

If what you want is to spend a more romantic and delicate image in your visual bet on retro dresses without fear. They value every curve of your body for this fall as well in most women. Although they have different indentations, they have no appeal to sensuality, so should be used in occasions that call for a more elaborate production, but without exaggeration.

The retro tubes are indicated more for thinner women because the cut mark very silhouette and the most plump can harm the appearance, especially in the hip area. Also, they are preferably with small breasts because as they are not low-cut, will increase this area of your body.

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How to Choose Men’s Bracelets

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As I promised when I talked about men’s fashion wear diamond tennis bracelets, it was time to dedicate a space to men’s bracelets, as well as to satisfy any curiosity and dispel any doubts.

On the other hand the use of men’s bracelets is a trend that not only continues to grow, but also very different age groups. Let’s be honest: no longer (unfortunately) a fashion for kids, but it happens now often see the multiplication of bracelets worn by men over 45, not to say more!

The Materials of the Men’s Bracelets

Certainly among the precious details for a man, your band has had a long but steady growth. Read More

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Underwear in XXL

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Every woman’s body is beautiful – it’s just the right packaging. Long gone are the days in which obese women have plagued with fit, uncomfortable underwear. Thanks to state of the art materials, upbeat colors and high-quality fabrics, underwear in XXL looks today very sensual, modern and exciting.


Wash in XXL Black Lace emphasizes the erotic side of women. But also a simple white bra, the athletic woman in a T-Shirt can wear, should not be missed in the linen supply. Many women know the problem, that it is difficult to find the right lingerie in larger sizes. Just when one has no modern skinny model body, but with a or other luxuriant rounding is equipped.

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HTC One Max: New Rumors about the Big Brother of the HTC One

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Also from HTC, there is something new: the company plans probably the imminent presentation of a big HTC one. His name: HTC one Max confirmed the company does not have the release of the HTC one Max yet, but there is growing the rumors and photos have already surfaced on the net.

Size the big brother of the HTC one will be the HTC One Max and the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 and the Sony Xperia Z ultra neat compete. The notion of smartphones is expected mid-until the end of October. The HTC One Max should have probably a 5.9-inch full-HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels, front speakers and a ultra pixel camera. And although the HTC One Max is so great, it should weigh only 130 grams and thus be even lighter than its predecessor!

The HTC One Max is powered by a Snapdragon 800 quad core processor with 2.26 GHz clock, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Flash memory available are. Equipped it is probably with the operating system Android 4.3. The internal memory of the HTC one Max rumored to be expandable via external memory card. The most debated whether the new HTC One Max will have also a fingerprint sensor as the new iPhone 5 S – this sensor on the iPhone was criticized by many privacy advocates.

HTC has just released a device this year and had to contend with some losses. Most recently the company faced 2013 losses by equivalent of 74 million euros in the third quarter. The turnover by almost one third to the equivalent of 1.8 billion euros fell compared to the previous year.

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Samsung Galaxy S5: the Latest from the Rumor Mill

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All kinds of rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S5, the successor of the Galaxy S4 are circulating on the net. Clearly, according to the Galaxy S, there the S2, then the S3, and this year finally the S4. So, one can assume that there will be a successor of the Samsung flagship probably next spring. Samsung has not expressed itself so far but still.

One of the main topics at the guesswork on the net around the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is, whether it will have a metal or a plastic casing.

Actually, it is time that Samsung slightly better designed its premium Smartphone and evaluates the new model with a metal housing. Many Samsung customers have noticed this Yes so far, and wish you a wertigeres Smartphone. Also assumed is that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be faster, bigger, and the performance better than its predecessor. Speculation that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 to put in a waterproof and dust-protected housing – Japanese competitor Sony, this is now almost standard. If the Samsung Galaxy S5 really water – and dust-proof, there would be no active version of the device probably.

On the Web page, you could read that Samsung with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will probably put on a higher quality housing material and the new Galaxy model instead of a plastic – like probably will emerge in an aluminium housing from the current Samsung Galaxy S4 -. Speculation is also about a camera with 16 mega pixel, with which you can take large-format photos. Rumored is also about the processor: so the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S5 according to such as the iPhone 5 S with 64 bit is supposed to work. Still 32 bit currently are standard in the Smartphone CPUs. If the message, the Web page refers to “Korean Times” newspaper. Also is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 as the processor will get an enhanced version of the Exynos 5 octa Samsung adopted: its eight cores can be active at one time and this allows parallel control different tasks – so far this but still doesn’t work.

Anything leaked there is something about the size of the display of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Android version and other extras. If there’s news, you will find of course here too!

What do you mean? How should see the Samsung Galaxy S5 in your opinion? What Extras should it have? Write us your opinion!

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ELSA Pataky and Lingerie

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Elsa Pataky longer time which is the signing of lingerie Women Ambassador ‘ secret, but now their relationship with the brand has taken one further step. The Spanish actress has brought his musical vein to star in the first video for the Spanish firm. And what better to do that wearing some of the designs that the own Elsa Pataky has designed a limited edition line.

The Spanish actress dares with a version of the most peculiar of the subject ‘ I’m so excited’, The Pointer Sisters. With a jacket of leather and sensual attitude, they sing the issue that presents new designs of the brand this season, created in collaboration with Elsa Pataky. Do you think the video clip for Womens’ original?

Elsa Pataky always has shown its interest in the aesthetic biker and the bikers, as well as by the lingerie. And what better way to create a collection of sexy lingerie and suitable for all kinds of women. ELSA Pataky took the opportunity to attend the presentation of the campaign, where the lace was one of the protagonists of her look with his leather jacket. Some of the garments that are sure will be exhausted soon are the body of Swiss dot with appliqué and transparencies – 29, 99€ – as well as bra lace for less than € 30.

This neckline lace trimmed halter bra is one of the sets in the collection of Elsa Pataky for Women’secret that are sure will be a success in sales. It can be yours for 24, 99€. The robes sexis with transparency are a must for the sexiest nights with your partner, and what better ask some of these designs of Women’secret for less than €30 on the web.

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Autumn Intimates Lingerie With Mango

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The fashion company Mango surprise us more and more with news and collections that we fill the wardrobe of clothing trend. If we are going to renew our wardrobe, we can begin by the interior, that is, by the lingerie, because there is nothing better to feel beautiful to wear a lingerie feminine and sensual. In Mango Intimates have stylish, flattering and present ideas.


The red hues are the trend of the moment , from deep red to dark red, in that marsala tone that has given so much to talk about. It is certainly the tone of passion, and in the autumn version is darker, like garnet , ideal for the weekend election. And of course the lace has become the material of the season.

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