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As I promised when I talked about men’s fashion wear diamond tennis bracelets, it was time to dedicate a space to men’s bracelets, as well as to satisfy any curiosity and dispel any doubts.

On the other hand the use of men’s bracelets is a trend that not only continues to grow, but also very different age groups. Let’s be honest: no longer (unfortunately) a fashion for kids, but it happens now often see the multiplication of bracelets worn by men over 45, not to say more!

The Materials of the Men’s Bracelets

Certainly among the precious details for a man, your band has had a long but steady growth.

Many years ago when my father touring the Italy to find new products to offer in pearl jewelry, the first men’s bracelets that I bought were steel and gold with finely glazed elements. The reasons that were used for greater in goldsmiths were almost alwaysinspired by the sea: anchors, wind roses, flags and sailing knots.

In practice it was very functional and enduring bands, in which the predominant part was made of steel or chain mesh and enamelled elements were used only as intervals to give a color tone.

Then we started to see the first models of men’s bracelets rubber or leather, with a simple central silver plate or sterling silver with sailors.

I admit that I find the men’s bracelets steel and gold or silver and leather are a nice detail men to wear to give a personal touch to the look!

The brand that can be considered the founder of this area with its great taste and aesthetic balance -key elements when it comes to jewelry, the more masculine-Giovepluvio.

The brand was created by brothers Di Fronzo, sailing lovers who transformed decades ago in their Goldsmith this their passion into a series of strictly masculine jewelry and the typical seafaring motif. They were the first to launch this type of men’s braceletsand are still the best.

Later came the clever idea of a Tuscan company, Nominee, which he thought well to produce steel spring bracelets with enameled or silver patterns and price ranges to the public contained at the time were within one hundred thousand livres.

We talk about the 1995 -2000 period, when the euro had not yet eroded our buying power, better not think about it.

As the years passed, the proposals of men’s bracelets have proliferated and differentiated, covering a range of materials that up just years ago were nothing short of unthinkable, not only because much cheaper but also because absolutely away from the masculine world.

As always happens to the origins of a trend that assert yourself and ramp, emulation of vip you are promoting more or less unconsciously of styles is an important stimulator of fashions. When the vip is an iconic figure in the world of fashion, is unlikely to escape the attention of most.

Already know who I’m talking about? Of course the legendary Diego Della Valle!!

The famous entrepreneur of the Valley is the best testimonial of trademark which is A.D. Since there is telecast, interview or resume where you don’t see clearly to his wrist the considerable number of bracelets with cables signed Tod’s leather or cloth.

Among the other men’s bracelets are very trendy in macrame by Chang, the brand launched by Luca Goatherds using simple lace that you notice the wrist even over 50 (no comment).

That’s why maison Damiani tried to take advantage of the large commercial visibility of Cruciani realizing a partnership to enter the sale of affordable braceletsby simply plugging it into macrame in small elements in silver, gold or white diamonds.

The final effect, though, seems like a bit of a stretch in the product. Let’s say that the advantage of the bracelets Charman is the very low price linked to the economic nature of the material, which makes it a disposable object, given the rapid wear to the constant contact with the skin. In collaboration with Damiani, on the other hand,the price increases by at least one zero and the main material remains the macrame, with all that that entails. Not to mention the fact that place it among the men’s bracelets seems further coercing style.

How to Choose Men’s Bracelets

I hope it’s understood that in my jewelry etiquette I don’t consider out men’s bracelets provided that, though, have chosen the right way. As always the line between chic and kitsch is not so large in some occasions.

Surely it is an accessory that a man may acquire or receive, but I recommend to follow a few simple rules to avoid mistakes.

The first rule is to pay attention to the harmony of the wrist: not all masculine wrists, unfortunately, can be worn with nonchalance a bracelet! Green light to medium sized bracelets on her wrists, but If not, tap get a very simple question: are you sure you want to highlight the massive bone structure using a bracelet? I would want a moment before the purchase, because the risk is that the accessory to create a final effect very stocky, wrist or little chic. That doesn’t make charming male, mind you.

The second rule is that there is no age for everything: bring one or (as I often see) more men’s bracelets doesn’t make a fifty magically a thirty, nor give a sixty look like his son (or grandson!). And thank goodness, I might add, because what I find wonderful in the passage of time is that it makes you move forward, not backward!

That said, the industry has greatly expanded and now the choice for mens bracelets is so wide and every budget that there will be some opportunities for give-or together-one.

And between you and me, there’s nothing wrong with not be Diego Della Valle, but there’s something extremely troubling to think that her bangles can be enough to create a resemblance: the I would but I can’t not do much female, Word of woman!

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