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If you had to choose just three themes that you can stick on the wall, what would it be? And do not worry … we will not be limited. You can look at our site, where you can choose from over 1,300 themes.

So what it will be? Cars? Trees? Music motives? Or even cute critters? See, it’s challenging. Only three such designs and anguish thinking.

Today we want to inspire you. Find the perfect bumper sticker for you – and we are in our newsroom magazine for top beautiful decorative motifs chosen. One that probably will please everyone.

TOP stickers on the wall

The greatest classic of all classics – geometric shapes. They are incredibly versatile and can be put anywhere – into the hall, a modern kitchen, the living room …

Everywhere – and the advantage of this particular theme is that the individual rings can stick easily and without professional help. It seems crazy, but you do not need any residential decorator. All you can do yourself with a little practical skill that is never lost.

We will advise you regarding the color is not required to collect any gaudy wilderness – try to find a similar hue, what is the rest of the interior. Be the emphasis on the most dominant color – like walls, carpets, furniture and the like. A select whichever hue and stickers.

Beautifully fresh, robust and rapidly growing – this is a fantastic bamboo. He is nicknamed the building material of the future, and no wonder. It has excellent properties and can be machined like steel. And it lets dig in the ground. Just be grown in abundant watering place. Such a motive can not resist.

Just a few moments you can, for example, from the corner of the room to make a relaxing corner with reed – here you do not just meditate, but who would not want to relax in nature? Read a beautiful book? Probably we all love such moments. And miniature bamboo grove affords you this experience.

And as they say, and you have yourself well in times lucky great tip. It’s a fresh theme that fits into a family where love nature. And especially here in Africa. We have prepared is a scene from the African savannah, which is full of wild animals.

Due to the orientation of the self-adhesive motif landscape motif, we recommend this stick for example over the edge of the box, table, or the largest size on the edge between floor and wall. WOW effect is guaranteed.

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