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My breasts started to grow when I was 13 and suddenly I had become the busiest girl in high school. It was so fast that one day I slept without a breast and the next morning I could not leave the house without a bra.

Well, my breasts have developed and so have I. Only I was “slender”: not very tall (I have 1.67m), but with hip and narrow backs, long legs and thin.

A slutty bitch in the bottom of her butt could not samba (today I’m chubby, but I’m still “thin.” Actually, I did not go all fat, I “got it” and I was really cheeky).

Anyway, I spent my teenage years wearing aunt’s bras, the ones my mother bought at a department store. I hated it.

When I wanted a more cute lingerie, who said I found it? Or my breasts did not fit in the cups, or fit in the cup and the back was wide and went up. Or the handle was so thin that it cut the shoulder.

Until the silicone began to bomb in Brazil and this stop of cup of various sizes and back idem arrived here. You can break the branch, but it’s still a developing market. Everything to English see: take-that-fall that holds nothing, loops that do not support, everything with thick bulge that increases even more, very basic things without any income, the chest escapes from above, below, a horror.

Like, you have to settle for what you have in the store without the pleasure of buying a lingerie that you really want.

The frustration was so great that in 2009, on a trip to the United States, I returned with 36 bras in the suitcase. That’s right, 36! I did the same party: I bought all the colors that I always wanted, varied prints, lacy, from basic to more sophisticated, with different handles, and the best, everything of excellent quality and the price down there.

The brands? Various … Victoria Secrets, Calkin Klein, DKNY and a hitherto unknown to me, Wacoal . I was surprised by Wacoal’s quality, endurance, beauty, and comfort, and she became my darling. Literally.

On later trips I bought only Wacoal and I did not regret it. Until about 3 years ago (huhuuu o/) it was sold in Brazil, in the Loungerie.

Wacoal is a Japanese brand, a leader in US department store sales and is one of the best in the world when it comes to high-end specialized lingerie. Well, you can see that they treat it seriously, right?!

As their bras are very expensive in Brazil (average R $ 180) and had no trip to the States planned (I did not find Wacoal in Europe, but I also did not have the time to look for it right) I started to hunt some gringa store that delivered here.

I found some, like  Dillards, FreshPair  and Saks , but I ended up buying at the time I had more options:  Her Room .

I bought the Wacoal Casual Beauty Soft Cup Bra (852247), Wacoal Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra (85122) and Wacoal Lace Finesse Underwire Bra (855201). My size is 34 DD.

The delivery took a month and a half to arrive and I was taxed, but it was worth it! The bras were perfect! To buy you have to know your measurements right and convert them to the American chart. If you have no idea, check below:

Measure 1 (Below the Bust): It is exactly the bottom line of the bra, go around your body and do not leave tight, just firm on the skin.

Measure 2 (Bust): Contour the trunk by passing the tape measure below the armpits and over the most prominent point of the bust, without tightening.

Example: I took my measurements and I have 77 cm below the bust and 97 cm of bust. I convert my measure 1 and find that I have Bra Size = 34. To find the second size, I go to column 34 and check where my measure is 2. It is in the DD range.

That is, the number of my bra in the United States is 34DD. The 36D (78cm x 98cm also looks cool!).

To finish (the post is already giant, sorry!): If you do not intend to do breast reduction, it is worth investing! Only the ladies know how a tight bra, without support, that the brisket jumps out, can ruin a look!

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