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The buds sprout, the birds chirping, and it smells of fresh flowers. More and more, the spring can be seen and we are already looking for the perfect spring outfit. But what would be the “perfect” spring look without a suitable and meaningful accessory? Very nice, but somehow something would be missing. One or more filigree chains spice up almost every look. What is currently announced or in my opinion is coming, you can read in the following lines.

What is the Layering Look?

Who does not know the layer look in terms of clothing? It has long since established itself in this area and is now synonymous with jewelry at the top of the list. Overflowing jewelry caskets? This has not been the case since this trend. A few chains are simply stacked on top of each other. Good thing is that you do not just have to decide for an it-piece, but simply to grab two or three great pieces of jewelry. What should be noted, however, that the individual chains are of different lengths and thus the effect is greater.

Chain 1: Letters Chain with Pair Initials

Let your loved one tattoo? Dear … We all saw it on Heidi Klum’s tattoo. It can also go wrong. For all those who do not want to do without the initials of the loved one, there is an alternative. A super sweet idea as a different love declaration is this delicate letter chain of Koshikira. Since the initials are so small and discreet, you can combine this piece of jewelry with everything.No matter whether in gold, or silver is something for every taste.Above all, the chains with letter pendants are currently super-hip and can be worn perfectly in the Layering look, explained by a2zyellowpages.

Necklace 2: Necklace with crystal quartz

For a long time precious stones were regarded as Hokus Pokus.Even today many people smile at the minerals.In Hollywood, however, they are more than just a stylish accessory for some celebrities such as Jenna Dewan Tatum.Much more of a source of energy.I for my taste, dear gemstones and find it always interesting also to read the meanings.That’s why I really liked this gem necklace with the arrowhead and the raw crystal quartz.

Due to the delicate and filigree shape of the necklace, it can be worn every day and on all occasions and is perfect for spring. The crystal quartz symbolizes spiritual qualities such as neutrality, openness, willingness to learn, reason and consciousness. It is so popular with its beautiful crystal shape and clarity. Due to the clear pendant, the necklace can also be combined perfectly and is perfect for spring.

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