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The stickers have become an excellent option in time to decorate the House. In addition to being charming and versatile, practical, easy to install and have much lower values than the common coatings. In this context, the red brick adhesive is one of the most sought after models.

The templates mimic all kinds of bricks: rustic, modern, colorful, etc. With them, you can create amazing effects in entire rooms in a wall or in a corner of the House—bringing personality and creativity to decoration.

Above all, white bricks are the most success among lovers of decoration. Want to join the trend and leave your home beautiful and sophisticated? So, this post is written for you! Follow along and learn how to use the patch in your home!

What Is The Composition?

The adhesive is developed in matte vinyl, and sticker, which facilitates your installation. Here at WallStickerCollection you can get more information of the fashion wall stickers. One of its advantages is that it supports splashes of water, and can be installed even in humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, remember to always apply it in a smooth wall to prevent the retinal detachment.

Currently, there are a few new models on the market, made with 3D plastic material, almost identical to the ceramic bricks. It’s worth the investment.

Where Can I Use The Patch Of White Bricks?

The red brick is a versatile jacket that can be used in all environments, both internal as external. The advantage of the white colour is that it gives the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity in place.

You can install the patch in the entire kitchen—will be very similar to the traditional kitchens that were all white ceramic coated—or you can also take advantage of creativity and put it on a wall.

He gets very good decorating one wall of the living room or home office, giving a greater charm to the external appearance of the House when used on the balconies. To help you create an incredible ambience, split up some ideas for you. Check it out:

Replace The Headboard By Brick

To have a modern room and beautiful, a good alternative is to install the patches on the wall behind the bed. So, the materials can replace the head and add a creative decoration effect.

In addition, the white patches are excellent choices for any room, the warm colors can disrupt sleep. So, if you do not want to install it behind your bed, you can just create a different corner in the environment without fear of making mistakes.

Place The Bricks Irregularly

Another idea that causes an effect very modern in decoration is to apply irregularly shaped patches in a single wall. That means you do not need to fill it completely.

Let the imagination and create drawings or let some parts of blank wall. In these places, you can install frames, watches or other objects. The result is extremely personalized and modern décor.

Install The Patches On The Wall Behind The Tv

Want to have some kind of different and creative TV Panel? So, how about installing the patches of brick on the wall behind the appliance? In addition to providing an incredible effect, the white color is a great ally to the room.

That’s because she’s feeling, in addition to transmit peace and quiet. Tom is also able to leverage the power of other decorative objects, such as paintings, posters and colorful pots.

How Is The Installation?

For being an adhesive, installation is much easier and much less costly than a common coating. Depending on the size of the place to be applied, it is recommended to be done by a professional who has experience in the subject.

However, with calm and patience, you can make the installation alone. To help you on this mission, broke up a step by step. Check out:

  1. Make sure that the wall is clean, smooth and without moisture;
  2. Measure the wall to be covered, if necessary, make cuts in stickers with the help of a box cutter;
  3. Begin applying the corners very slowly, with the help of a spatula (ruler or damp cloth also serve);
  4. Then, go putting other adhesive rollers next to each other, making sure that they are perfectly aligned.

Currently, there are several videos on the internet that can help you show the step by step.

Can I Remove The Stickers With Ease?

One of the advantages of the stickers is to be able to exchange them for others without the need to reform the House for that.

In this sense, the glue used in the time of the application most often does not damage the wall in time to withdraw. Still, some care should be taken to facilitate the removal:

Warm up the adhesive surface with a hair dryer;

From top to bottom, go pulling slowly.If possible, ask for help to a friend or family member to go taking off while you heat;

If you are leaving a lot of ink, increase the temperature of your dryer.

Even taking these precautions, it may be that in some places the wall paint come out together on the sticker, but nothing that is cause for concern. If this occurs, simply screw and the wall will be ready for a new painting or to the application of a new type of adhesive.

The stickers are an excellent choice for today’s world, where people cherish the practicality, but without giving up the good taste to have a nice house, modern and cozy—and, of course, without loss of time with heavy reforms that are generally far more costly and stressful.

The stickers are an excellent choice for today’s world, where people cherish the practicality, but without giving up the good taste to have a nice house, modern and cozy — and, of course, without losing time with heavy reforms that are generally far more costly and stressful.

Perfect For Use In Your Room Or To Make A Scenario

To inspire you even more, split up some videos showing the recording scene of some Youtubers! Give the play and let the imagination rolling!

As you have seen, the patches of white bricks are versatile, creative and able to give a touch of personality to any environment. For the effect to be expected, don’t forget to purchase templates in specialty stores and with good reputation.

For you who likes to dare even more, there are other types of adhesives bricks. Thetraditional Brown, for example, are excellent to compose more rustic environments.Remember that there are also jackets which imitate tiles, wood, slates and evencement. Great alternatives to decorate the House spending little.

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