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The roll-up known for her sexy jeans and stylish, the brand, already elected as one of the best in the segment. Produces since pants, skirts, jackets all made with the denim that is passion number 1 of. Super detached and with different models, the roll-up pants are successful and cause quite a stir among the female audience.

Innovative and focused on always keeping track of the latest fashion trends, sawary creates pieces with styles that range from fashion to basics and stripped.In the year 2008 the brand, once again showed that came and surprised their consumers – who got crazy with the novelty-launching the first line of the miraculous, which instantly raised pants the most praised of the brazilian woman, the butt.

Pants that became, from then on, the flagship of the brand roll-up. With the poster girl Japanese funniest Brazil – and also known by your derrière topping, Sabrina Sato.

For 2011, the jeans collection offers models that value even more the female form already well highlighted by the brand, reported by In keeping with current trends in current fashion, the new line of pants has pants in light washes – legs and butt, torn jeans, models and dark jeans.

Most traditional and basic patterns are also among the main trends, along with varied and daring designs of skirts and shorts. That arise in differentiated and washes with applications in strategic locations, to make the brazilian woman even more attractive and sexy. In addition to models of pants as Overnight, Boy Friend, a feeling Jegging Pant and Sarouel.

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