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There are a few small items in everyday life that we like to find wherever we are: If you have an accommodation you are sure you have treated all the details in your hotellerie?

Let’s face it, even when we need to move us on business or for a holiday, and we chose the hotel stay, what we like most is to find the cure to detail, that makes us feel really in a well cared for and where they show managers have really cared about the well-being of their guests.

Although we are not at home, we like to have many small conveniences that we simplify everyday operations, and between them can not miss the great small accessories in the bathroom area.

The bathroom is the site of intimacy, and the fact of being in a place of service well groomed, clean and pared down to the last detail, it helps us to relax and to become familiar with a bathroom that is not to our House.

More decor is specific and created in order to take care of the host, and be the same you feel pampered because it has amenities that put him at ease in an unknown place.

Treat the Bathroom Area of Your Hotel

In order to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible from your guests, be sure to always offer an area dedicated to the bathroom clean, organized and well appointed, having attention for small objects that can make a real difference.

In that regard, here’s a roundup of items of category hotellerie that can’t help but offer your guests, each with a specific function that will meet the needs of any personality.

Hangers, Hangers Everywhere!

For your guests is important to always have the right accessory for every need, and especially with regard to the bathroom it is important to have the ability to store your clothes without the risk of wet or handling them too roughly between a change is the other.
The hangers (hanger from wall) are ideal, make sure there are enough to make getting dressed or undressed is easy and doesn’t ruin clothes to wear: never let your guest at the mercy of the drama “and this where I put it?”

Dispenser Against Waste and Bacteria

Have you ever thought about installing convenient dispenser near the sink?
They come in various styles: a wall or recessed, but also the more traditional dispenser sink set can make a difference in terms of hygiene that of waste.

Many people do not like washing hands with SOAP, because they have the impression that they remain more bacteria attached to the same: give the bathroom a SOAP dispenser in liquid form is a great idea, because it prevents direct contact with SOAP, except for the amount necessary to wash.

In addition, the classic SOAP tends to wear out more quickly when we use it with wet hands, while a drop of liquid soap guarantees hygiene and quantity enough to clean your hands well.

Hairdryer Holder: Comfort and Security

Even the hair dryer is a widely used element in the bathroom area, but often the dilemma is to find a hillock, a space where you can store while you feel appropriate hairstyles.

Is there anyone who keeps his hair between your knees while sudden hairdos unlikely, who instead leaves it on a Cabinet, who dares on the sink and who keeps asking “but where shall I leave this dryer?”

Due to the high temperature that this object is capable of reaching, trying to set up a practical support that it can keep the hair dryer without risking unwanted burns to your guests, guaranteeing the necessary safety.

Ready to Rescue

In a people’s safety must always be placed first, but small incidents of domestic character can happen to anyone.

In these cases, if the bathroom is equipped with a first aid kit or medicine cabinet, the emergency is soon curbed.

It is important that such an object is placed in a prominent place so that in an emergency can be located with ease and readiness, and is at a height such as to prevent children from opening it without adult supervision.

The Functional Bidet Spray

When you find yourself grappling with a smaller bathroom, not necessarily always mean sacrificing specific services.
If you cannot install a bidet in the bathroom due to a confined space, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same as this comfort: the solution is to use a bidet spray, which can be exploited to better thanks to its flexible coupling, representing a perfect fit even for those with mobility problems.

Wall-Mounted Shower Seat

And just as regards AIDS for elderly or those with walking difficulties, installing a wall-mounted shower seat would be ideal for comfort and simplicity in a daily task as taking a shower.
The seat in the shower helps to anyone needing a support to rest while showering, without becoming fatigued and in total safety.

Safety Grab Bars

And to stay on the subject, even the handrails to guide the movements through the bathroom, providing valuable support in an environment prone to dampness or to the presence of water on the floor, can really change the quality of the stay of your guest.
Install them near services helps people who need to move with confidence, by providing them with a certain degree of autonomy in a personal moment like that lived in the bathroom.

Towels of Various Types

Finally, don’t forget a good towels in the bathroom area: you can choose the electric type, i.e. a dryer that delivers a powerful stream of air, and succeeds in doing so to dry easily water particles remain close at hand.

Or, you can opt for a more classic towel bar, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the amount of paper needed for drying.

The best solution?
Install them both and let the guest choose what is the preferred way to dry!

This was just a taste of what you’ll find in our catalogue in the section dedicated to the hotel industry. Visit our catalogue and discover products in stock.

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