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Did you know? 70-80% of women do not wear the correct bra size.

And yes ! Many of you have the same bra size for years, even decades. Yet ladies, your body evolves over the years and your chest with it, so it is important to regularly take your measurements and know your exact size so that the bra is useful and supports your chest properly.

Here are all the tips of Lemon Curve to properly take your measurements and adjust your bra.

What are my chest measurements?

To take your measurements chest, you just need to have a tape measure and measure two important criteria: your back and your chest.These two measures are essential in choosing your bra size.

It is very important to stand upright when making measurements to ensure the accuracy of the measurements.Moreover, it is necessary to make sure to always measure in the same place because measuring a few centimeters above or below can significantly change your actual size.Finally, think about measuring yourself undressed because clothes could distort the measures that should be as fair as possible.

1. To measure the circumference of your back :

Stand and place the meter flat just below your breasts, avoiding over tightening or holding it too loose to avoid distorting the measurements.

To know your back turn size refer to the table below:

2. To know your bonnet depth, measure the circumference of your chest:

Stand straight and place the meter horizontally and flat on your chest at the tip of the breasts.It must pass under the armpits and on the shoulder blades.It is then the difference between your chest and your back turn that will determine your cup size.For example, if your back is 75 cm and your chest is 90 cm, just calculate the difference.90 – 75 = 15 You make a bonnet B.

To see your cup size refer to the table below:

Indeed, these indications are valid only for French sizes.International sizes can offer you double bonnets, it is necessary to be careful to convert an international size in French size to not deceive you.Fortunately on Lemon Curve, all sizes are converted into French sizes, no risk of deceiving you!

Attention also, your bra size may vary depending on lingerie brand.Be sure to inquire about the brand you are buying, especially if it’s the first time, some brands prune small and others prune rather large.Again, on Lemon Curve, lingerie experts will advise you on the size to take depending on each brand.

The Lemon Team advises you to re-measure your bra size about once a year or just before you buy a bra.Indeed, the breast of women tends to evolve throughout their life, with age, fat, loss or weight gain.It is also not advisable to wear the same bra for years because it will sag over time, the back turn will tend to expand and therefore offer less chest support.It is important when buying a bra to feel good with an intermediate notch clip, indeed as the bra will tend to expand with time, so you can tighten it to your liking with the notches available.If, on the contrary, you buy a bra that you already put in the closest notch, you will not be able to tighten it in case of release of the back.

How to adjust my bra perfectly?

Once your measurements taken and your exact size obtained, go to fitting the bra.This may sound simple, but there are some tricks to wear it correctly:


  • When fitting your bra think of stapling behind your back and not at the front (as we all do) as this will not deform the frames and keep it in good condition.To do this, put on the shoulder straps, lean forward and place your chest in the cups.
  • Then staple your bra to the second notch: this often makes it not too compressed, too comfortable and leaves you a margin if taken or weight loss.Keep in mind that you must still be able to pass two fingers between the belt and your back.This small margin is essential for your comfort and allows you to make all the movements of the bust without any gene.

Straps :

  • Be careful not to choose a model of bra with too thin straps that could leave marks by sawing the shoulders, especially if you have a generous chest.They should not slide either, but one should be able to pass a finger between the shoulder strap and the shoulder when they are adjusted.Generous breasts should pay particular attention to this point, which can cause back and shoulder pains.The big brands of lingerie generally provide special shapes and cuts for large brassieres.Generally, on these bras for strong breasts, the back rings and the shoulder straps are thicker for maximum comfort.

Know that with a bra to the right size, the band is responsible for 80% of your chest support and the shoulder straps are responsible for 20%.

And do not forget !Check your settings after each wash of your bras, as the straps can loosen slightly in the drum of the machine.

How can I be sure that my bra matches me?

Does your bra hinder you?This is definitely the sign that you wear a bra that is not adapted to your morphology or that is not your size.A good bra is a bra that you forget everyday.In the following cases, it should be changed:

Your chest is oppressed:

Your bra is probably too small.Even if the temptation is sometimes close to wearing a bonnet lower than ours to improve our décolleté, choosing its size is essential for comfort.A bonnet too small will overflow your chest and the rendering will not necessarily be better.In addition, and depending on the shape of the bra, a cup too small will not be aesthetic under a garment molding because the demarcation of the cup will be very visible.

The bust sags or your bonnets make folds:

Your bra is too loose and you should opt for a smaller size, including hats.A bra too big can quickly weigh your silhouette and make you look older, especially since it will not provide you any support.By improving its maintenance, your bust and your line are refined.Too big bonnets will not be able to give you their essential function: the maintenance!Your breasts will not be supported and it will be very unpleasant, especially if you have a hectic day.This is all the more true for strong breasts that need an irreproachable maintenance throughout the day.Too big bonnets, it is neither comfortable nor aesthetic, indeed the space between the cap of the bra and your breast that will not be filled will be very visible through your clothes.If you have a décolleté, it will not be pretty either because this difference will be very visible.

The band of your bra will cut your skin:

Your bra is probably not the right size.It should not leave you marks when you remove it and should not create small beads.Nothing is more unsightly than small patches on the back of your bra, and nothing more disagreeable than the feeling of being too tight in her lingerie.Simply opt for a larger size and you will immediately be much more comfortable.

The band goes up in the back:

If your back is back, it is too large.Indeed, the back turn must be horizontal and at the same height as the bottom of the cups of the bra.So choose a lower back turn size while keeping your cup size if it suits you.

The frame does not stick to the body and hinders you:

The armatures are made to support and maintain the breasts, they must completely contain your breasts and do not have to climb on your chest, which is very often very generous and can even cause blemishes.In this case, choose a larger size.If they bother you under your arms, it means that the cups are too small, increase the size of your cap.

What are the risks if I wear an inadequate bra?

Be aware that an incorrectly measured waist, straps that are too thin or incorrectly placed prevent the natural movements of the chest and do not hold the chest properly.Beyond the aesthetic aspect of a weighed silhouette, the wearing of a bra improperly adapted can lead to many health problems that women are unaware of.It is therefore crucial to correctly calculate its size of bra to choose the bra that will be perfectly adapted to your body and that will sublimate your silhouette.

  • Women with poorly sustained breasts may encounter problems in standing upright and often have a “stomach” position that causes muscle pain in the shoulders, arms, spine, or back, neck and neck.These pains are common in women with high chest and frequently cause significant headaches.It is therefore essential to wear a bra perfectly suited, especially when you have a strong chest.The renewal of bras is therefore essential to well-being.
  • Skin problems can also be the consequence of a too tight bra.The frames can cause pressure sores on the underside and on the sides of the chest by sticking too much into the skin.This is not immediately noticeable but can, in the long run, give the appearance of a scar where the bra has too deeply embedded in the skin.
  • Cotton lingerie is very widely recommended for fragile skin.Indeed, lingerie made of tulle or some other material can sometimes attack the most sensitive skins and their causes of marks.If you have sensitive skin, focus on cotton lingerie, hypoallergenic material that will respect your privacy and well-being.

In order to avoid encountering these health problems, make sure to wear a bra to your size, and especially, adapted to your personal physiognomy.Keep in mind that a fitting bra not only works for your health, but also your silhouette and mood!

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