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It entered the trend of the European summer and gained space between our fashionistas this winter, the line of military clothes.

Already used by many designers on the runways chic military style is always present in the look of international and Brazilian celebrities, so we of the World of Tribes could not leave you out of this trend.

This fashion is based on the use of some items used by the military, that is, the clothes created are in styles very similar to war clothes, as its name already says, with militarism.This similarity can be seen in the use of accessories such as brooches, button buttons, gold buttons, coats, aviator model glasses, boots and boots, chains, jackets with well-marked shoulders, and also in the predominance of colors such as moss green, ocher, gray, kaki, finally more earthy tones, or closed.

But in this post we will pay special attention to the jackets with the military style, since the winter is already there and this piece has everything to make it much more elegant, warm and fashionable.These jackets should have guaranteed place in your wardrobe, and sure enough when you get to know the models you will fall in love for at least a three!

Wide shoulders and well marked, waistline defined, several pockets scattered in various sizes and shapes, marked collar, use of buttons or coats, are just some of the characteristics that make the difference between a military style jacket and a regular jacket, besides of course that its unmistakable colors.

Still can not convince yourself or understand more about the models?So take a look at no explanatory selection we have made for you.

Marked shoulders give strength to the piece and personality to the wearer.

The waist well defined gives the air of femininity the military piece, beautiful!

The buttons, cufflinks and the coats give an air of an old piece that is super high, a special charm.

Fell in love?Now comes the doubt, where to buy these beauties?

The main stores in the branch are with military-style collections, so just go to one of them and choose your favorite piece, but first you can start by searching for the options we have selected for you:

Shop C & A

Shopping Riachuelo

Did you like the options?These are some, but you can still find a lot more.Then it’s only a smooth sweater underneath and mini skirt or basic jeans and your look will be complete with style!

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