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He was only missing Orange Why make a mobile internet customers with ADSL offer After the news announced by Movistar and Vodafone a few days ago and it has launched its offensive with the rate Internet Everywhere 10 days for 5 euros.

Users with ADSL + calls and direct line of Orange to hire Internet Everywhere 10 days for a fee of 5 euros/month which includes 10 days of unlimited mobile browsing each month with speed limited to 64 Kbps traffic exceeding the 100 MB per day. And if you need to browse more days, you have to recharge Internet Everywhere as if it were a traditional prepaid for sailing by 2.97 euros per day of use (plus VAT).

Summer returns to be the right time to announce this type of news and the market is evolving with increasingly affordable options Although contrary to what usually happens, this time with more differentiated offerings: Movistar offers a 50% discount on monthly rates or 1.90 euros per day, Vodafone three days free of charge and the rest 2 euros per day and Orange 10 days for 5 euros. What is better suited to your needs?

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