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Nobody needs pantographs or laser sofisticadíssimos equipment electronics to produce wall clocks with old vinyl records, as the Cities series by Pavel Sidorenko, after 15 of the largest metropolises in the world, including Rio de janeiro.

After all, the guy is the Pope in this genre with the black crackers, as well as Paul Villinski is calling the shots when it comes to butterflies in the decoration of environments with the same material.

We already gave the tip several times: you can cut any profile on vinyl records and the clocks, with a great degree of accuracy. Here at you can get more different models of the clocks fashion. To reference the work, you must first set up a circular theme on your computer and then print the silhouettes in adhesive material to be applied as a template on the plastic surface.

The cutting is done with small drills, milling cutters, Rotary files and sandpaper, similar to that of dentists and prosthetics, fixed on the tip of microrretíficas such as using tape recorders and jewelers. There is an excellent quality in trade, call Dremel. Is imported but very low cost.

At most, it’s quiet and the ability to go around the world in the arts of re-vinyl, as defines the Sidorenko.

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