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Miraculous techniques to make

Makeup can be our best friend or worst enemy, everything depends on the way you will use it. She should always enhance and highlight what best we have and hide or fix the traits which displease us. With make is possible to increase or decrease the eyes, thin face, cram and narrow nose, increase lips, correct eyebrows and more.

With some foolproof techniques, you can become a fan of inseparable of the makeup, explained by For example, a great trick for those women who like the face well marked, with thinner appearance, it’s worth investing in a powder bronzer or until two shades darker than your skin. Apply it with a Paintbrush to outline or even blush, well below the bone of the cheekbone. If you still have a problem with the nose, apply a darker base on the sides and underneath the tip, blow everything and apply illuminator on it. Nose thin and prancing with little tricks.

Now, if you think that your eyes are too small to use black pencil on the inside, try to pass him on the outside, such as contour and, inside, pass a white pencil or Pearl. A good trick for you that can’t live without lipstick, but forgets to retouch it throughout the day is to spend it, then a thin layer of dust on and reapply lipstick. It will fix and last for hours and hours without getting out of your mouth. This works even better if your lipstick is of type “matte”, i.e. with matte finish.

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