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4 years ago I could test for the first time membrane in practice the then brand new Gore-Tex Active Shell at the GORE-TEX Blogger Summit . Since then, various jackets, as well as a pair of trousers, with this waterproof / breathable membrane when iterating accompany me. Now Gore has the Active products for highly aerobic activities, specially for runners (road, trails and in the mountains) and again substantially revised road racing cyclist.

The new Gore-Tex active products represent a fundamentally new concept. Instead of a textile Outer fabric, the new Gore-Tex active products have a permanently sparkling surface in the form of a waterproof and breathable membrane. This eliminates thermal bridges textile arising out of a drenched by the rain. Also the coats dry much faster, have a low Pack volume and are lightweight, breathable – even in the rain – as every other Gore-Tex product. The new Gore-Tex active products were designed specifically for runners, as well as road racing cyclist. From December 2015 are the jackets by the three specialized brands GORE BIKE WEAR, Castelli, the two Outdoorpartnern and GORE RUNNING WEAR Arc’Teryx and The North face sale be available.

Conventional Gore-Tex laminates consist of a lining, the Gore-Tex® membrane and a textile Outer fabric. The new product concept is no external textile necessary. Thanks to permanently sparkling surface the jacket can not absorb, the clothing weight is significantly reduced and the breathability further increased. In addition, Gore used a very lightweight, patent-pending lining (Gore micro grid Backer) this new product technology. Thus, the very low weight and comfort remains high. As the lightest, atmungsaktivstes Gore-Tex product on the market runners and cyclists from rain and cooling are protected. Since no fabric on the outside exists can the jacket to not absorb and thus also much quicker to dry. In addition, the garment has a small pack size. Like other GORE-TEX products, can simply be washed even the new Gore-Tex active jackets in the machine. And because no textiles upper material is used, it must either in the dryer, still their water-repellent impregnation should be reactivated.

“We developed this product technology for” light and fast “users such as road cyclists and runners who are traveling on the road, trails and in the mountains.” Background is, that professional runners and cyclists for their highly aerobic activities want improved comfort with durable water resistance”, said Johannes Ebert, product specialist at Gore. “We are convinced that these audiences will benefit from this new product technology. Thanks to the balance between weather protection and comfort these jackets in the rain, as well as in Sunshine can be worn”, so next Ebert. December 2015, runners and cyclists can buy the new Gore-Tex active jackets with the permanently sparkling finish in trade.

I look forward to the first test ever!

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