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While it is not too obvious at the moment, the three main operators claim to be doing great efforts to improve its services to the customer Although in view of recent events, it seems that they will try to save in other ways as a result of bringing call center Spain.

At least that is what it seems he is doing Orange. First it began to charge for the service to certain customers of card prepayment and will now do so to all customers of individuals if you call the Sunday or the rest of the week in the evenings (between 22:00 and 9 h).

If you need to talk with attention to customer for serious incidents in that time period, will have to check the 656001470. The cost will be a call to Orange number by which flat rates in principle not paid although the minutes of your dolphin, Panda or Leon fare will be discounted.

Despite losing freedom in the timetable, would who is not willing to sacrifice some time if the reward is that? We will see well-trained agents? Surely very few but will have to wait to go and see if the results are as we would like & #8230;

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