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Despite the lot of options we found when installing applications on our smartphones, for example, in our Android terminals, the offer to grow and even operators are already uploaded to truck to distribute this type of content.

Orange now announces the arrival of a store’s gaming terminals Android, shop that is logically focused on the company’s customers, and offering well known titles, Although they are titles that were already in the Android Market. Addition to these games, the possibility of using discounts.

The Sims 3, Tetris, Pro Evolution soccer 2011, Millionaire City, Call of Duty or Assassins Creed The brotherhood are some of those titles, we assume that they will increase in number over time.

Orange recalls the possibility of using the 50% off Happy Hour. To download any title you will need to be connected to the network of Orange, so it may be the cost of downloads (a part of the cost of the game itself) a fact to consider. You can visit our catalog on your web site for mobile phones.

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