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Carolina L. –

Today I will tell you my first making contact with the Spanish firm of makeup Lola Make Up which many of you may have already heard talk about although they have relatively short time on the market.

Focused on a more professional segment, the truth that the first sensations of his collection are quite welcome, but today we will focus on their blushers, and specifically in this tone 006, a Brown pink as you can see in the image.

I must confess that this Rouge you analyze today never would have struck me by its hue, even more so when I’m elated by all Rouges corals and oranges that they are appearing on the market, but to be fair is more beautiful than it may seem at first.

Carolina L. –

It has nothing to do seen on the box or in the hand, changes a lot seen on the face, on my clear skin dark is not nothing desentonante just a different touch, a blushing more agranatado or a subtle touch came, Although in the swatch you see in the image below looks very intense because it is without blur.

In addition this Rouge has been a good opportunity to leave the usual peach tones, try new colors that may give a different look never comes bad as it has been the case.

Carolina L. –

I’ve also tried their use as eye shadow and I like, Yes, many blushers the use like shadows, they are well and if the color I like as even more, especially when I am looking for a flat look. I usually apply in the eyelid and fixed, a quite common trick in the backstage of gateway.

What I like less in this Lola Make Up Rouge are their small iridescent, I recognize that they are at the limit for my taste. If they were older already they would be too obvious and I’m not very “ friend ” of them.

In short, an interesting Rouge that well Pigmented with which we can get from a subtle blush one more intense and find more affordable to other more emblematic as MAC, NARS, or Cargo firms, on the 10 euros, but to be sincere their size also is somewhat lower in comparison.

Certainly you will also find them in shades mauve, Orange and in a more intense Brown.

The product was given us for testing by Lola Make Up. You can consult our policy of relations with companies for more information

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