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I’m starting to believe that Special pallets launched by brands in Christmas are a test of strength. First, to see if we resist the temptation to buy them. And then, to see if we are able to resist using them and destroy the beautiful design.

This wonder you see in the main image, is the first “paleta-tentacion” I’ve seen this year. It is called Nuit parure, I’ve seen something like this translated as “Night jewel”, is of Guerlain (what do you think, Cristina?) and it will be released with the collection of Christmas, in October.

Parure of Nuit is a palette of Compact powders, illuminator y Rouge scented violets. Different colors are used together, with a brush pass, to conceal imperfections and unify skin tone. That, of course, if one decides to use it.

As I said, we will see this paleta-tentacion in stores in a couple of months and according to the blog where I originally read it, the price will be 41 pounds, a little more than 46 euros. In the meantime, only we have to sigh.

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