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The geometry and the commitment by the unstructured garments floods the Madrid catwalk fashion shows of David Dolphin and Ana Locking, coincide both in play with patterns and proportions of classic garments tailoring that adapted to the present and even the future, in looks they drink of the past, but are at the same time very current, and may qualify as outfits futuristic.

Although with differences, the two also agree in basic colors as they are black and white and the grayscale and in some accents such as the ink blue, Although the Toledo the most committed by the intense colors as the Orange, yellow, gold, as well as including more natural like the nude, the camel and beige tones. You break down the two proposals.

David Delfin and the ‘ Dyogenes Syndrome & #8217;


Taking the Diogenes syndrome as a metaphorical reference, David, refers to this condition as an accumulation of emotions which can not be detached. Similarly of elements and materials such as wool, cashmere, cottons and silks, or the white combination – black-gray, which can not rid.

The truth is that it is the most sincere, since if you look at the proposal in detail it is quite similar to last year, repeating many aesthetic standards. You can not get rid of certain guidelines that you both like and both identify their collections, is very good to have a own style and also very personally identifiable, but you have to be careful to not fall into the easy or predictable.

As regards silhouettes more of the same, tight and rigid, Although this time with a twist, contrasts in long and short, overlays in the necks, shirt more turtle-neck, light versus dark, and new plays to the ‘ cut and paste & #8217; with the pattern, in an order that claims to be chaotic but in reality is pure math, and at the same time creates trompe l’oeil or Visual effects trying to attach to the eye.

The best presented without doubt the ‘ garments muti – clothing & #8217;, for example an americana-camisa – vest, or a jersey-blazer. Few prints, not to say one only, in the form of small black and white spots.

The together accessories, only bags, This time they are Double (two bags, two briefcases, a larger one and a smaller). Shoes as also usual signed by Christian Louboutin, for us military court shoes.

Ana Locking and ‘ Stance & #8217;


‘ Stance & #8217; speaks of the visual identity support of emotions and feelings, that’s how Ana sees things and this is his way of expressing it. Garments geometrics with many contrasts that are created from large parts in a patchwork of portions oversize, bold but at the same time very elegant.

Forms that mark the shoulders, silhouettes tube cutting straight but loose, forgetting the trend, already rather last, the ultra-slim. Finished fabrics of luxe, where glitters has a hollow interest above all in pants and American’s hidden buttons, which are also in several pieces as if in a game of Origami were.

Multicolored sets (as the year past, although these much more wearable) which mixed four or five tones each other, or looks more austere but with more risky items like the bet by the pleated long skirt.

Pointed shoes Tri-color format that combines game with the outfit, some discreet Necklace (formed by small nuts, plated in 18 k gold) or exquisite leather gloves complete the proposal.

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