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If there is anything worth of Zara during the months of February and March, it is undoubtedly the wide variety of items from other seasons and collections that can be found in their lookbook as the main collection that we saw a few days ago. It is amazing and any copies that you make are incredible aesthetic quality and finishes that have nothing to envy to the originals. For this reason, the collection of Zara Young to the month of February, is loaded with color, with special attention to the earthy, some point and aesthetic rockabily and a very pronounced tendency to garments of narrow cuts and fit pretty tight.

It is still a collection which, as its name indicates, fits quite the young advocated, with some affordable summer models, fashion and with a lot of variety, so much that it is difficult to fit the clothes in various styles so let’s comment the looks that offers us better Zara that surely comes out much more profitable.

To start we tested with a enough boat set formed by a jersey knit chopped English style, striped and in blue and white, which contrasts with the butane orange of the Skinny pants, one of the great strengths of the collection in general. We will find them as we will see later in Greens, reds, yellows and blues, all of them neutral tones and easy combination.

One of my favorite models: the Bohemian style more preppys has taken some of the looks and gives as a result a hybrid based vests, Chinese, v-neck sweaters or microdot as of the shirts. Enter elements like borsalino hat, nautical or the foulard are not but ideas to get more uninhibited and plated the old air.

And the colorful is not reflected only in pants or shirts, going. Spring has arrived with their colors and their prints not only the paisley scarves but also shirts and accessories with floral prints very discreet as it is the case of the look that we have now. Of very narrow kerf, they are ideal to combine with jeans in light tones that also put at our disposal.

Another rather curious style: the Jacquard do not abandon us even in spring. Renewed shaped cardigan open and less harsh to cope with bad weather although it keeps dark colours to be able to contrast with the trenches and the raincoats that remains, albeit much less consistent to that which formed the winter lookbook. Bakery shirts or neck boat are a good choice to combine them.

As we have said, the Skinny’s colors they are one of the big bets of the firm as they carry it for a few years. For you to get the maximum benefit proposed that we combine them either with shirts and t-shirts from white or cream and falling upon them, the note of color either enhance the contrasts with jackets in dark tones as the of the chosen look.

Attention to footwear, because for the most part it’s sports sneakers or dessert boot. Comfortable shoes, without much fuss and that goes for the discretion in the majority of cases, fleeing military style so trite that we had used.

The Denim not only see the light in the pants, but that some Texan jackets or more summer shirts, have its presence to achieve a different and innovative style. An example is this model in dark tones that proposes to give something with some color geometric scarf or spring and floral prints available.

Looks damaged, another of the essential. Decomposed and apparently random images that however respond to its own style: look that we have caught the first thing that we caught the wardrobe. The sweatshirts of lycra hoodies, basic shirts in pastel tones, unstructured booties or elastic cut slim fit trousers. An urban-style where there and casual more not being able.

The rockabily also extends collection with regards to the jackets-byker-feather or studded belts. The jeans of acidic colors as chosen for this outfit red, contrast with the sobriety of the black of the jacket or shoes to enhance the global set.

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