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Nerves, breaking tests, long sessions of maquillaje-peluqueria – manicure, Although there is also time for relaxation and laughter, and life between behind the scenes the parade is a world apart. Between parades the models spend their time as best they can.

Many hours of work, and they most of them are very young, so they have to be good allies of the latest technology. What does not fail in any backstage that boasts, are all kinds of gadgets of last generation, smart phones, ipdas, ipods, and a good set of headphones, but there are who prefers to devote himself to painting, or taking a NAP. Give us a ride to see first-hand the ins and outs of the New York fashion week.

Tweaks, hairdressing and make-up

Although the fitting (wardrobe test) are usually made weeks in advance, there are always things which arranged at the last minute. In a large panel are all models with their start order and the look will pass, also in donkeys is repeated the same photo, and described in detail how they are placed and stylized clothes, in this way the dressing assistants they will dress the models, under supervision of the eestilism teamor the signature and with the last touch of the designer.

When a model has several changes It is important to know behind those who have to leave, much more if it is opened or closed the parade, something that usually makes the model chosen by the House, being that best represents the spirit of the firm or the idea of the catwalk, of course tend to be tops, or new faces with great potential.
It is the task of the aldermen to put some order in the chaos generated in backstage fashionista. In the photo we see as one of the guys look fixedly panel, it wants to have everything clear before parading for Perry Ellis.

In the toilets of hairdressing and make-up also placed Polaroids, photos of front and profile, styling team will oversee each and every one for the same look, if some have to pass by the scissors, normal is notify their bookers, a change in hair cutting, may affect the campaigns or photo sessions that the model and the Agency have closed.
Although it is a bit tedious most of them taken with much philosophy, and but look at this blonde laugh while comb you in the bactage of Robert Geller.

Relax take it easy

Stylists checked that all the clothes and accessories are in perfect condition, by assumed that all items have been previously ironed, and although thousand and one made Tests, sometimes have to make more of one retouching.

Of course that there is time for the relax, some opt for Preview its music preferred, others prefer to paint, many chat amicably between them, as in the case of the model Adrej Pejic, one of the most quoted androgynes faces of the moment that we see you touch her long blond hair Platinum.

Although some prefer directly disposed of in a sofa or taking a NAP peacefully as we see these two models of Rag & Bone, and it is that time passes not flying precisely between parade and delfile.

By assumed that you have time for eat, normally a specialized company responsible in catering It is responsible for preparing various dishes, and in the table as best they can and untimely seated models, stylists and costume designers are going to eat to take forces, working hours are grueling, although they are always worth.

The designer and the finishing touch

At any time the Designer It may appear in the backstage, There are some that nerves can prove to be little or nothing nice, is not the case of Richard Chai who we chat animatedly with one of the boys.

Ready, set, already, hairstyles, made up and dressed and waiting to begin the show, these two models of the Calvin Klein show laugh but at the bottom are nervous know that many eyes are on them.
There is colour is, concentrate and get into the role, and recreate the attitude that the House has asked, some asked that no posen, others who laugh, in some cases leaving serious, but in any case the important thing is not deslumbrase by the flashes, parade with firm step, and be careful not to fall behind the dreaded slip.

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