3 Secrets to Wear Midi Skirt

The return of the midi skirts or skirts that come just below the knee, and if the winter had been proposed mainly in their version of “tube”, for the summer you will see mostly large models and wheel, a true return to the 50s! Wide and fluttering are feminine, elegant and, if necessary, extremely sexy… who does not remember the famous scene of Marilyn struggling with her skirt midi in “The Seven Year Itch”?

According to this article, the problem with this kind of skirt is mainly as a match it in the proper manner and in perfect harmony with your body!


If you bassine I recommend you choose a midi skirt arrives just below the knee, but if you are tall and slender, you can also choose a model that reaches down to mid-calf!

A trick? If you want to look more tall choose a high-waisted model (if it is large also disguised the round hips) or with slits super sexy, optical effect, stretch your legs!

If, like me, unfortunately, you have big calves matched the midi skirt with a pair of high boots that help make more tapered leg (so you do not like me that I chose the Dr Martens highly ahahha caring)!!


As for the combinations just remember that the proportions are critical!

If the skirt is voluminous pair it to a drop crop tops, avoiding falling in the effect “sack of potatoes” if the abbinaste to a massive top.

If the skirt, instead, is in tube or can opt for a top super adherent (to an adherent effect and hyper sexy, but who gives to the lucky few from perfect silhouette) or for a more voluminous top to compensate the linearity of the skirt!

A tip more? If you love to dare combined a stylish midi skirt with a sports top smaniato or a t-shirt with logo, the contrast will make an interesting look and not lowered!


Choose shoes to wear under a midi skirt is not an easy task, but it only takes small steps and the result will be satisfactory!

The perfect shoes are surely the Frenchman, with and without heels, the low-cut neckline or Trinchetti ankle.

Obviously in this case also apply the advice ever: Avoid shoes with ankle closure if you do not have long legs and thin ankles, and if you have long legs you dare matching shoes and stockings of the same color (burgundy beautiful)!