4 Uncomfortable Questions on Makeup

Let’s see if there is a correlation between make up, wrinkles, pimples and skin aging.

The feminine gesture par excellence is surely to wear makeup: this because every woman wants to feel beautiful, masking small facial defects.

The time of the drafting make-up is very important, as is also the choice of products, which must be accurate, not to risk of spoiling in any way the skin but, on the contrary, enhance it, but without exaggeration (eg by creating masks that do not allow the skin to breathe).

Makeup is a pleasure that should not put at risk the skin and to avoid ruining it, before proceeding with make up, you have to apply a moisturizing product, to be allowed to absorb before applying makeup.

Another mistake not to do is to let the cleansing milk residues on the skin: the rubbing of the pad, the combined action of the milk surface, if it is not removed well in the long irritate the skin.

We are looking forward to meet the 4 most common questions when it comes to skin health and makeup.

Makeup is bad for your skin?

We have to do a lot of attention to the products that we apply on the face, and the trend followed by many companies, is precisely to make more and more attention to ‘INCI(International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, the various ingredients included in the labeling, making up a cosmetic) trying to put more and more natural cosmetics.

Wear makeup every day is possible, the important thing is not to make a wrong use of makeup. For example, one of the most common mistakes, you go to sleep without first no make-up.

The make up should necessarily be removed before going to bed because the made-up face, in the day, they accumulate dust, grease and oils. So it is crucial to make a clean first withcleansing milk and then with a mild detergent to remove any residual, otherwise the pores tend to get clogged by encouraging the emergence of blacks points and cosmetic acne.

Makeup makes me pimples?

It is possible, if you do an excessive use of make up occlusive products. Use products for the make-up base too heavy is harmful to the skin, so best to avoid too much foundation or powder opaque when not needed. Better to opt for light products from natural finish that leaves the pores to breathe as much as possible.

Makeup makes you wrinkles?

You can not say for sure, but do not remove makeup before going to bed at times, because of fatigue, may contribute to wrinkles.

Makeup makes aging skin?

The make up is not the only factor that makes aging skin, but it can be a cause. Applies the above discussion, the trick is always removed from the face to avoid the ‘accumulation of impurities that settle on a daily basis our skin. Cleansing is essential for the health of the skin and give it a healthy and fresh look.