5 Practices That Can Accelerate Labor

At the end of the pregnancy the pregnant woman is alert to any signs that give birth to labor. In the last weeks the anxiety increases and it is waited that the nature I follow its course to have in arms its baby.

5 Practices That Can Accelerate Labor

Normally, labor begins spontaneously between 37 and 40 weeks of gestation. From this date it is already safe for the baby to be born in a healthy way. You are ready to know the World.

It is not always easy to expect, especially when the pregnancy is past due. There are some natural practices that help speed up labor.

How to Accelerate Labor

From a certain time the doctor releases some practices that help speed up the delivery time. They are natural practices that do not put the life of the mother and the baby at risk.

# 1


Making love helps speed up labor, the semen helps soften the cervix. At the same time it helps increase the production of oxytocin that causes uterine contractions.

# 2


The walk helps to put the baby in position to be born. This pressure increases the production of oxytocin, stimulating uterine contractions. The ideal is to walk about 1 hour. At the end of pregnancy the walking should be accompanied.

# 3

Hot shower

Hot baths, especially prolonged baths should be avoided during pregnancy. Hot water promotes relaxation of muscles and blood circulation that can cause uterine contractions. At the end of pregnancy, especially when you already have some contractions you can take a prolonged hot water bath to intensify the contractions.

# 4

Spicy food

Abuse of spicy foods, they are known to trigger childbirth. Spicy increases the production of endorphins that lead to relaxation of the body and can lead to labor. This method should be avoided in case you suffer from hemorrhoids because it can aggravate the problem.

# 5

Nipple stimulation

Stimulation of the nipples helps release oxytocin, lead to uterine contractions and consequently accelerate labor. Normally doctors recommend that this zone is not stimulated during pregnancy, but in the final stage, this practice is released.