5 Tips For Getting Faster Wi-Fi Streaming

It is always frustrating with a slow internet connection, but sometimes the problem is in your Wi-Fi, and you can even fix it.

Today we have prepared 5 simple tips that will help you make your Wi-Fi streaming faster. The best part is that it is completely free, and you can do it yourself in 5 minutes:)

1) Run a speed test
The quality of your internet connection depends of your ISP (internet service provider). It may be that you have a good internet connection, but that it will be disappointingly slow in the evening, when everyone is home. It may be that the speed will vary, so your internet is slowly – and sometimes it would you not. Go to SpeedTest.net and check out speed. If you are not getting at least 80 or 90 percent of what your ISP promised you, we recommend you to make contact with them.

2) Run a ping test
Speed test measures the speed based on bandwidth from your service provider, and a ping test, measuring latency. We recommend going to PingTest.net and test your internet connection. You will get a overview with figures “ping” (measured in milliseconds), as well as a character – A, B, C, D, E or F, where A is the best, and they show how good your connection is for streaming and online games.

3) Check on family members streamer or using torrents
Streaming, downloads via torrents, HD-video games and similar intensive activities can lead to slower Wi-Fi. A router can support lots of connected devices, but it’s all about what these units are working with, and what they are doing on the net. If all looks Netflix at the same time, or if any streamer or using torrents, it can “eat” the connection. Remember that distance plays an important role: If multiple devices are in the process of intensive activities, but is very close to the router, you probably won’t experience any problems.

4) Check if other wireless devices are “in the way”
Sometimes it can happen that the older cordless phones, wireless speakers, microwave ovens or even a baby alarm interferes with the router’s signal. And that’s just some of a range of common gadgets that use the same frequency as most routers – 2.4 GHz. move like the router away from these devices.

5) Restart router
The good old way to fix technical problems on: restart. A reboot of the router can always help – so it will restart all its systems. If your router has a reset button, then hold it for several seconds, or just remove the power cable from the power switch and wait half a minute.

Hope that this helps, and we tell like in the comment box which sort of tricks you use to improve your Wi-Fi streaming at home:)