A Galaxy S3 Bag Stand: A Leather Cell Phone Case

If you have paid a high price to get Galaxy S3, so you should keep it in as good condition as long as possible. Galaxy S3 is also a beautiful unit with its elegant design, and therefore you might want to highlight its appearance or to get the most out of it with some of the most chic Galaxy S3 accessories.

Leather Cell Phone Case

Leather Cell Phone Case With Stand

Such accessories on bridgat which are both protective and functional, are Galaxy S3 Rotary leather case with stand. Galaxy S3 bags with tripod can be very handy at home or at the Office and this particular bag can turn into a stand that swivels 360 degrees and have many different points of view. You can watch videos on your Galaxy S3 or you can make free Skype calls in both horizontal and vertical position.


Your smart phone is held in place thanks to an inside cradle that doesn’t slide and the soft fabric on the front of the flap keeps your screen free of scratches. Your phone is totally protected, yet you have free access to all its features.

Mobile bag for S3


Specially designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S3’s swivel Galaxy S3 bag in leather, and are available in various colors to suit people’s different needs: green, pink, black, orange, purple, red and blue.