A Runner In The Gym

If you are beginner runners and have begun to run with a certain continuity chances are that you’re focused on winning Fund and speed and sometimes you forget the force. Strengthen our muscles is going to help to have a lower energy expenditure, to be capable of supporting hard and long training and above all, can prevent injuries and recover before an effort.

A Runner In The Gym

In addition to exercising muscle groups of the lower train, to be able to increase the power, we should not forget other groups also involved in all the technical phases of the race:

  1. The top train musclesa: chest, shoulders and arms are involved in thephase of impulse.
  2. The central body stabilizes the stride(back, core,…). The core is composed of a series of muscles that form a natural girdle. They involved the deep abdominal muscles, oblique, transverse, the muscles of the hip and buttocks.

For those who are just starting, insert a weekly strength training is usually sufficient, provided all muscle groups are worked. Other needs and more experienced runners may require more sessions. There are many classifications, here we present two distinct forms of work force:

  1. Weight exercises: either with external overloads (weightlifting, guided loads, strength created by colleagues,…) or with the weight of our own body, with or without equipment (fitball, bands of resistance, suspension training,…)
  2. Aerobic exercise: is another way that exists to train the force without sacrificing the aerobic exercise. They are known plyometrics (Multihop), slopes,…

Interval training as the system Tabata methods combine aerobic exercise with anaerobic, in such a way that the heart is kept at a pace, thereby improving the performance and working force simultaneously.

Then cheeroutdoor will present some simple exercises for beginner runners with little equipment. You can do a circuit of about 10-15 repetitions with a load in the form of circuit or by e.g. 20 seconds high intensity intervals comfortable resting 10 seconds. Of course remember that there are plenty of exercises, this is just one example. Don’t forget to stretch after the session. If you want to deepen in muscle training, I recommend the article by our friend Fernando.

  1. Squats

With the parallel feet, flexing the knees unless they exceed the tips of the toes. Remember to keep your back straight.

2 Lounge

Standing is a stride forward, lowering the knee of the leg that lies behind vertically. It can also be a side stride, with your back straight and flexing the knees unless they exceed the tips of the toes.

3 Plates

To strengthen the core. Support forearms on the ground, with elbows aligned with the chest. Hold the weight of your body with the tips of the feet and keep your back straight and the core strongly contracted. To give you more intensity only supports hands in the soil instead of forearms. Side version can be done to strengthen the abdominal oblique, always keeping your back aligned.

4 Back Extensions

On a fitball ball supports your abdomen and let you fall forward. It elevates the trunk to form a straight line with your body. Do not force the position beyond this line to avoid overloading the lumbar.

5 Row With Dumbbell

It can be made with one arm or both simultaneously. Place your knee and hand on a bench and grab a dumbbell with your other hand. It elevates the dumbbell back. Remember to keep your shoulders parallel to the floor and your back straight.

6 Press Banking

Lying back on a flat bench with your feet flat on the floor, with the spine in a neutral position. Place hands on both sides of the chest and lifts weights until they are at the height of the eyes and with elbows extended. Helps your back from arching.

  1. Military Press

Stand with your back straight, it begins the movement with dumbbells on each side of the ears. It elevates the hands until the dumbbells touch.

  1. Biceps Curl

Stepping on a few bands elastic resistance with the feet. Raise edges ahead of your body by bending your elbows. The same movement is possible with cufflinks.

  1. Triceps Extension

Stepping on a few bands elastic resistance with his feet, leans the body forward with your back straight.Place your hands at chest height and takes your hands backwards trying to not take off the arms of the body. The same movement is possible with cufflinks.