Adobe Launches Edge, a Tool That Competes with Flash

The Adobe seems not received that memo saying that companies should not create things that have the potential to destroy their own technologies. The company today released a preview version of Adobe Edge, a tool specifically to create animations in standard HTML 5 and can help reduce the ubiquity of Flash on the web.

In addition to HTML 5, Adobe Edge also uses other web standards like CSS3 and JavaScript to create animations. What kind of animation? Glad you asked, Adobe made apoint of creating this page to demonstrate the power of creation behind the program, and also list which devices are compatible with it.

Those interested in testing Adobe Edge can download a preview of it directly from Adobe Labs (registration required) or wait for the final version next year. The program is available for OS X and Windows, but in the case of the latter, it is only compatible with Windows Vista and higher.

Of course, Adobe does not intend to end the Flash with Adobe Edge, seeing as it is widely adopted in millions of web pages. But this seems to be a great contingency plan if the HTML 5 skills go to be more advantageous and more adopted than Flash.

And I know that even using “if” in the previous paragraph will not prevent the creation of inflamed discussions Flash vs. HTML 5 in the comments. Let them come, then.