Airmail for ios and Mac: This App Organizes the Flood of Mail

To the suffering of his fans dropbox has hired recently the mail box app. In addition to alternatives such as Outlook and Inbox by Gmail Mac airmail prevailed on the enterprise app for email traffic. Now there’s airmail for ios.
Download: airmail for ios download
Download: airmail for Mac download

Airmail for ios: can the app

Although the pre-installed mail app on the iphone appeals to fans of simple operation. But who maintains a busy email traffic, desperate confusion and inertia of the programme. There is in fact no way to establish automatisms to keep track. Also get Gmail messages not pushed, but only in the outdated 15-minute intervals on the iphone. Airmail is different: 4,99 Euro expensive app supports Gmail, icloud, Yahoo,, Exchange as well as IMAP and POP3. Even aliases in Gmail or icloud supports airmail, which can sometimes lead to problems for other apps.

These Mac apps are worth your money

Airmail mail organized

Airmail a new email arrives, offers a variety of possibilities: the standard functions such as about moving forward, answers are of course not as interesting as the snooze function. She moves emails so long to another area until it is again relevant. For example, Book a flight, must cavort not half a year in the Inbox of the booking confirmation. You disappear from sight and comes back only to even some point. Make management a breeze swipe gestures: on request takes a swipe from right to left to archive, enter snooze mode or marks the contact as VIP. In stressful times notified airmail only about really important conversations and not ringing in every newsletter.

Clever cloud integration

From emails you also thanks to airmail automatically create reminder for the memories app, calendar entries or add them to a task list. Practical: In the E-Mail Editor you create shortcuts for the most popular cloud storage. Besides Google drive, dropbox and onedrive, airmail desired integrated also wonders list, Pocket, or evernote. Synchronize automatically your settings and accounts by icloud between iphone, ipad and Mac

Airmail in the practice test

As needed in other intelligent mail apps, a few days time, are also in airmail set up the main principles and points out actually just waiting for emails that are important. The use of multiple accounts and aliases was no problem in the test. Airmail structured mails sent through third-party apps or Web pages automatically in the background correctly. Annoying: You want to send multiple attachments of the same type, photos, must you add separately to the mail. Also notice that with the Mac processed emails on the iphone show up even after you delete a new notification. Airmail must improve the background synchronization. The price is 4.99 euros for the ios app and while steep due to the app return right via itunes the self test but nothing in the way is 9,99 Euro for the Mac app. Request the manufacturer: Please next offer an Android app!