Amazon Launches Backup Service for Old Files and Unimportant

Virtual retail giant and network data storage giant. The Amazon announced this week a new service to save files in its large and powerful cloud – so used that, when giving problem hinders to users of other huge companies like Foursquare and Instagram. Amazon Glacier has a different focus: store files that are infrequently accessed after sent to the server.

You know that bunch of files you keep on your computer for only maintain, but actually likely to be needed falls day after day? Glacier thinking it was announced that necessary. Regulatory documents, health information, media files and old database backups are among the planned application for the Glacier. The price: 1 cent per gigabyte stored in the month. Transfer costs were not informed.

The service comes to complement the portfolio of Amazon Web Services products, widely used by developers because of the price and wide availability. Our intrepid Gus Fune remember that S3 for storing personal files or access public (with geographic redundancy or not); EC2 for computing on demand with VM (Virtual Machine, the famous virtual machine); and CloudFront to CDN.

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Amazon Glacier does not have availability in Brazil. Only the United States (various locations), Europe and Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Japan).