American Airlines No Longer Offer Flights on

American Airlines (AA), one of the largest airlines in the world, will no longer provide their flights on The decision is now in force and applies to all 21 countries where the online agency operates. The reason? A price policy allegedly unfair and obscure.

In his statement to customers, the company informs that area can not give details about the decision because the matter was “under review legal”, but said to have discovered that there, including the (agency arm for Spanish – speaking countries), would be “adopting unfair and dubious practices regarding tariffs” of the company.

The was quick to defend himself: according to Estado, the company said the AA asked that the total value of the tickets issued by the service does not inform fares, taxes and other charges, and for not agreeing to this request is that partnership between the two had to be undone.

In the above statement, American Airlines explains that the tickets already purchased via remain valid and that if any customer need to change the date or time of any of these flights will have to seek the center of the company’s reserves and not the agency. In these instances, the company explains that there will be no collection of the fee for reservation changes made by external agents.

This position probably reassures the consumer that has AA passes open acquired via, but not enough for PROCON-SP: the O Globo, the institution said it will notify both companies so that the obstacle is cleared up.

In view of Marcio Marcucci, supervisory director of Procon-SP, since AA has exposed the, you need to clearly explain what happened. The online agency, in turn, have to account for their collections: the tickets, what is the difference between “taxes and fees” and “service charge” for example?

American Airlines does not rule out return to offer their flights on, provided that this resolve these problems. For those wishing to purchase tickets for now the company recommends services such KAYAK and its own website,