Ampere: Will Your Charger Be Your Quality Android?

One of the weaknesses of any smartphone is undoubtedly the battery.It depends a lot on device to device, but it is a certainty that is where the user critics happen.

The problems are often not only due to the batteries themselves, but are associated with applications that consume energy in a high way or to chargers that are not indicated.

Now comes Ampere, an application that allows users to monitor the quality of the chargers and also the speed of power consumption.

We do not always use the right chargers to charge our equipment and this is reflected in the quality of the charge and also in the battery life.

It is therefore important that we monitor and evaluate the quality of the devices we use to charge our smartphones, to ensure that we are not causing them battery problems.

With the use of Ampere we can keep in mind this information, not only related to the charge of the battery, but also to the discharge of it.

According to computergees, the Ampere interface is simple to use and gives accurate information to users, ensuring at any time that the data is being fetched from the system.

After launching the Ampere it takes a few seconds to take the readings and present the information.This varies from state to state, depending on whether the device is charging, connected to a power source, or discharging the battery in normal use.

The information presented is related to the energy consumptions that are being made, allowing the user to control and know the best charger to use.

Gift is also other information related to the device battery.Data such as the load of the same, its technology, its health, the temperature or the voltage, can be obtained and thus allow some additional information.

Ampere has some issues with some ROMs and devices, but its creator points to flaws on the side of the system itself and the way it uses to capture the data.

The list of equipment with problems in using the Ampere can be consulted in the page of the Play Store dedicated to this application.

Use the Ampere and validate if the charger you are using, whatever it is, is providing enough power to charge your equipment and if you are not forcing the battery and damaging it.