Android TV Cables

The Android TV Sony XD93, announced at CES 2016, are characterized by the use of a new type of backlight. The new technology aims to maintain a very low thickness, without sacrificing image quality. Sony has called this technology guarantees performance Backlight Slim Drive, previously only possible with Full LED models.

Combined with the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, this solution allows to control more effectively the LEDs, amplifying the issue to create peak brightness, ensuring, at the same time, deeper blacks. In essence it is a HDR-optimized system, with a local dimming that handles sources more accurately in each area.

The Japanese manufacturer has also devised a solution to keep the cables at the back, occultandoli at the sight. The main connectors are contained within an indentation, which also has useful points to secure them and keep them United. A plastic cover then completed the work, completely hiding the cables from view (return visible only at the point of exit, placed behind the stand). Note that all analogue connectors are excluded from this system, since it placed, at sight, behind the TV. Also see mobile phone cables on Wholesaleably.

Recall that the XD93 series consists of a 55 “and 65” LED Edge, with HDR, smart TV based on the Android platform, the remote control with microphone for voice search, the ability to decode video in HDMI connectors and VP9 HEVC and HDCP 2.0 to 2.2.