App to Measure Your Bra Size

Revolutionary app can measure through smartphone the perfect bra size.

New to the world of e-commerce undergarments spear the prestigious ThirdLove, American brand of intimate female who has recently launched an innovative app available for iPhone, soon to Android, which will allow all its customers to measure the size of your bra.

An application can calculate precisely the size worn through a simple selfie. In fact, it will be managed by two self-portraits with your smartphone to calculate the exact size of your bra as the technology used in analyzing and as it were measuring the size of the body compared to the size of the iPhone, which becomes a new standard unit of measurement. In all this, a pre-recorded voice will guide potential customers in measuring operations.

This innovation has come as second ThirdLove and founder Heidi Zak, a former manager at Google, 80% of women found various difficulty finding the right bra size and then thanks to the app designed which analyzes the size of the body by identifying the right size to wear there will be no more problems.

Even for half measures there will be no difficulty because the app is able to locate and advise the store where you can buy. Another new application is the last phase of the measurement which helps to choose in ‘e-shop ThirdLove the model best suited to its own figure.

A revolution that will surely be appreciated by all women eCommerce lovers, but also from those curious will download the app to try and figure out the right bra size.