Apple Is Wild with Soft Shapes

Latest beta version of the upcoming update to iOS show that Apple is still working on the appearance of iOS 7.

It is the design officer Jonathan Ive, who at Apple has the overall responsibility for the appearance of iOS 7. Update as our site previously made a review of, brought an entirely new look for an operating system that udseendetsmæssigt has not changed since the first iPhone.

The update was unfortunately also a step in the wrong direction when it comes to the floating experience of operating system, which for the time lag, particularly on older devices. However, Apple is in full swing with bug fixes, which at the time of writing is reached the third beta version.

However, it is more than bug fixes in the latest build of the software. Apple tweaker apparently still look clearly indicates that Apple favors circular buttons along with all the colors to make the look more friendly. Special phone part and power-off portion has a new look with round buttons. It writes our site.

In addition, experimenting Apple, as you see in the video from iDownload Blog, allowing to turn “Parralax effect” seperately from your background image. This means that you would be able to keep the whole background image as before iOS 7, and still be able to benefit from the attractive animations when you navigate around in the system.

If you do not wish to wait on, to get the whole picture back as background, so you can find here Mobile page’s tip about the app “Wallax” that might do the trick.
So far, we can still not say when iOS 7.1 is ready for your iOS devices, but hopefully before the previous Rumor: Error fixes for iPad delayed to March d iOS 7.1.