Application to Find Women

The iPhone and Apple products in general are famous for having a large amount of accessories as well as applications. Over the years, Android handsets are already at the same level as Apple handsets, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone is coming to the rescue. In this battle, those who have gained a lot of space are the applications with some kind of social appellation. With more people online all the time with GPS devices on, knowing where and what people are doing at any given time is much easier.

Application to find women

A program created for iPhone goes a little further and shows the concentration of people in certain locations. It uses for this information of the famous service of recommendation of places, the Foursquare. The program in question is and works only in the city of San Francisco in the USA.

The program shows a compass that indicates the locations of the city with the highest concentration of women. Certainly something can go wrong and it indicates the place with more women connected to the internet by the cell phone. Anyway this should not be too bad.

The idea is good and originates ideas similar to those that founded the creation of Facebook. For example, the idea that the need for socialization of people is fundamental and needs to be facilitated anyway. There is now some Brazilian developer to create an app similar to this one for Android and make it available for free on Google Play and the Microsoft Store, is not it?

You can download the on the official page or look for it in the App Store! Good hunting!

Note: The application site no longer exists. However, applications like Tinder have come into place, and they enable you to communicate with people close to you with ease, both for new friendships and for other interests.