ASUS Shows New Version of the PadFone Model X

Would you tablet and smartphone in a, but seems ASUS PadFone’s 10 “is too big? Here comes a younger brother.

In December, we reviewed ASUS “The New” PadFone and it got fine words along the way. Now ASUS Launches something that may remind you of a little brother, PadFone x. Actual specifications have not come forward, but the smart phone is still 5 “and the resolution is 1080 p. Where we at PadFone X differs, is the Tablet size of 9 “and that the smart phone comes with Android 4.4 KitKat from start. In addition, PadFone X Voice over LTE (VoLTE). 

The interesting thing about the circle is that the conversation is very is doing because it is part of HD Voice. In addition, mobile operators such as TDC and 3 looking more into the future and eventually go away from old technologies such as 2 g/3 g since calls technically will be carried out in a different way. Today a number of devices LTE, but as soon as a call is made, it is done by 2 or 3 g.

Whether or when the ASUS PadFone X comes to Denmark is unknown, AT & T in the United States have already said they will lead PadFone X.

Here you can read what we think of ASUS “The New” PadFone, as you can already buy in Denmark.