ASUS ZenFone-an Aluminum Smartphone without Tablet

ASUS often make hybrids, but at CES, they have also presented a series of perfectly normal smartphone

When the Tech-geeks like us talking about ASUS, it is often their special models such as the PadFone and transformer Books there will be highlighted. But ASUS and has also launched a series of completely normal smartphones.

ASUS Zenbook laptop is known for nice aluminum design and ZenFone is probably a product that would like to have the same positive reviews. ZenFone comes in, respectively, 4, 5 and 6-inch, as well as in a variety of colors.

They are all based on Android 4.3, but with ASUS ‘ ZenUI and the hardware is centered on Intel Atom Cpus.

ZenFone 4 “gets 800 x 480 resolution, 1, 2 GHz Atom.

ZenFone 5 “get 720 p resolution and a 2 GHz cpu

ZenFone 6 “get 720 p and probably also 2 GHz cpu and a 13MPix camera.

Sadly, this is all we know right now, but yours truly hope that ZenFone will give the same positive quality impression as their ZenBook laptop does.