Backpack Reversible Seven Buying Guide

It’s time to choose a backpack that fits you. With the end of the school season there are so many new models offered by companies producing accessories and backpacks, but one in particular is able to intercept the taste of today and to propose the right product.

This is the Seven, a brand dedicated to the world of school. It is approaching the sound of the next bell? Would you like to change your old backpack to get a different look? Then the Seven reversible backpacks are ideal because they are youth and sports, especially dynamic.

Backpacks are a novelty in the field of Seven reversible school accessories: their technology manage to combine two models into one. Convenience and style to fit any person. Seven models are characterized by a practical and reversible roomy compartment and many pockets in which to place their objects.

Seven current reversible line understands the needs call The Double sa bundle in a single product versatility, practicality, but also much sense of style and fashion. The cost of a single model you can have the backpack for all occasions, from school to university through the work.

Its capacity is ideal to accommodate books, cases, sheets, but also accessories of all kinds. The additional pocket in backpacks Seven reversible allows to divide the spaces in ways that accommodate smaller items so you don’t lose them, that’s why the backpacks reversible Seven are also used in areas of camping and sport!

But above all it is a line of backpacks that is style and design its workhorse: on one side the backpacks and the other Seven were of fantasies are solid color more sober style. This is because the company that makes backpacks knows full well that there are different needs and contexts: reversible Seven packs will help you be always fashionable at any time of the day.

But we see the prices and models of this collection. If you are fond of strong and decisive style you can not choose the camouflage pattern that invoking the military press. This reversible backpack model has the price of 69.90 euros and is characterized by a double and stereo headphones in solid included.

If you have a romantic soul and humorous patterns to choose from are Pop Heart and Jangle. Priced at € 69.90 these backpacks have maximum comfort with its backrest and breathable mesh fabric. Obviously stereo headset included! Pro line models are characterized by a more essential: it is an elegant monochrome line proposal at the price of 49.90 euros. The models in the range covers are ideal for those who love contemporary style: light and witty costing 29.90 euros.

Passing a series of straps, Seven offers practical models like The Double: is characterized by bright colors and costs only € 56.90. Seven offers backpacks for all styles: you just have to decide which style you have to face and buy the perfect backpack!