Bademodentrends For The Summer Of 2017-You Can Wear It

It is not easy to keep current trends and styles in everyday outfits, or implement them. But when it comes to current bath emotions for the summer of 2017 it will not necessarily be smaller. From a realistic point of view, your own outfit is limited to less than a square meter of fabric and what should you style here?

This is the answer to this question on the topic of bath emersion. A total of five trends for this summer I have researched and prepared.The matching hairstyles for summer 2017 as well as the ideal summer shoe, the espadrille, we have already considered together.And if it goes from the beach then still in the city, these six Chinos are definitely an option. But first we will devote ourselves to Bademodetrends 2017 for men.

Camouflage Print-Also Works Great With Swimwear

A trend which has consolidated over the past few years and has mainly been seen in shirts and jackets is now spreading to the bathing trend: Camouflage. Camouflage prints simply seem to fit anywhere. In the ideal case, of course, you should not put on sandy shades, after all, you do not want to hide on the beach. Khaki shades are much more effective and harmonious with all skin tones.

Camouflage bathing shorts can be worn both a little shorter and longer. However, you should be careful not to wear these in the style of a 3/4 pants-just does not fit. Even above the knees these should not be worn. In my opinion is the case with all swimming trunks. If you want to notice a little more than by the pure camouflage style, should put on accent strips in neon-an additional view.

Badeshorts With White Stripes-For A Certain Maritime Look

What has always worked and probably will always work is the combination of white stripes with blue colors. The color combination and stripes create a maritime flair, which makes a good figure on the beach or at the pool. Straight Breton stripes are hard to keep up this summer. It does not matter whether these are straightened, stacked, overlapping or dyed-stripes, especially white ones.

The game with different shades as well as the combination of vertical and horizontal stripes will master this summer. Personally speaking, the combination of a navy blue with a white cross strip is very appealing. In the classic marine strip version the bathes should stop at the middle of the thighs, wide and also diagonal stripes can be worn a little longer, vertical stripes also shorter. It is at best to try and decide for yourself what pleases.

Floral Prints On The Beach-Bring The Flowers To The Beach

Like camouflage prints on swimming trunks, it is no longer possible to think about floral prints from the short summer resorts. If it was possibly at the beginning times of the floral prints still unusual to see this on clothes of men, it belongs now to the good tone at least a floral-breathed piece in the wardrobe to have.

In direct comparison to single-color shorts or those with simple patterns, floral bath shorts can be worn quietly a trace shorter.Otherwise, the floral patterns can be overwhelming. With a length up to the middle of the thigh, one is also on the safe side. The print itself can be set on unusual floral patterns or classic Hawaiian prints-always work.

If you have a light skin tone, you should make sure that the shorts are not too dark. Since otherwise it simply does not harmonize well with each other. The same is true for a dark skin tone, here you should opt for light shorts. Simply to work out the contrast between bathes and your own body a little.

Block Color-Sometimes A Color Is Sufficient

Block Color refers to a style in which a maximum of two is set to a maximum of two. Wild patterns, unusual prints, etc… remain outside. Instead, you consciously rely on a color that harmonizes well with your own skin tone and flatters your own appearance. A minimalist approach that works wonderfully.

Dark green, burgundy or navy shades work wonderfully when you have a bright skin tone. If you prefer a little tan therefore, it is recommended to use colors like Cobalt blue, lime green or sunshine yellow. If you want it very extreme, put on a “Baywatch”-rote bathes. You will surely not be seen in the cinema this summer.

Old School Badeshorts-A Little Nostalgia Never Hurts

Retro works very well with sportswear already, why should not it then also with the Bademodentrends function for the summer 2017?In the style of the 1970s, different models are presented, relatively short with broad trouser legs and a flattering cut. Speak, up a little bit, in the direction of the foot, farther, almost fluttering.

In color, a basic color is emphasized, which is emphasized by a corresponding accent color. This prevents the swimwear in the old school look too boring. Great logos or patches are also deliberately omitted.

For me personally, Old School Badeshorts are one of my two favorites for the summer of 2017. The other are the floral-inspired bathes. And what do you like best? For prints on clothes I canrecommend you this post. There you will learn how to wear it best in summer 2017.