Beautiful Dress for Ladies


Assuming you like a delicate pink, there is here an uncommonly beautiful wait dress from Seraphine. A dress of flowers-full lace with flying colors in any of the flowers, which causes it to chancere nice and beautiful, beautiful fit. It belongs to the Seraphines Luxe collection and even call you a cocktail dress that can also be used as wedding dress.


This dress has a slightly purple tinge on the pictures, it has not in fact, in reality, the pink and is an exceptionally beautiful dress, you can both use as a wedding dress at the Town Hall, cocktail dress or even just enjoy the weekdays, where you want to be nice and stand out a little. For the dress can dresses down with a pair of flat summer sandals, even though the most of all is a party dress.

Seraphine is uncommon good to work with their fit, so their dresses just sitting really well and it even on most body types. This also applies to this beautiful dress that is cut into the empire line, where you might want. It can bind the supplied silk-tie-strings. The sleeves are approx. 3/4, the carving is round without being overly deep and there is a small tear drop shaped pocket with button closure at neck. There is a soft Undercoat in the dress, which starts on the chest in the beautiful curved shapes, almost sculptural, so the skin is seen through blond top, where there is no petticoat.


The dress goes down over the knee (at most) and as I said, is uncommonly beautiful. It gives a nice entrance with certainty, not only because it is so elegant and beautiful, but also because the color stands out and makes it to a lace dress of the more unusual and remarkable kinds.


Maternity clothes & nursing wear:

A wait dress that has a tummy regardless of whether it is in the 3. or 9. month. Soft, stretchable and comfortable. Without a nursing function, but can be used without stomach.


Normal in size

Lace dress: 65% nylon, 35% rayon, 5% spandex

Under the dress: 95% viscose, 5% elastane

Tie string: 70% cotton, 30% silk

Cleaning: to clean!