Bicycle Lights Reviews

As we all know by now our beloved bike is becoming one of the means of transport most used mainly in large cities, there are neither of all kinds, from those from more professional than ever to ride bikes more technology such as E-bike comfortable and Speed CS i. LED front light bike shop. With the increase of these means, however, also increase the incidents mainly due to the poor visibility of the drivers of both the means, it is then tripped undergone a modification of the mechanism code of the road, which nowadays does not impose the use of special accessories from reflective clothing, but few tips on bicycle lights from is in fact binding that on each bicycle which is not playing a sports competition are mounted of the front and rear lighting devices, it is not necessary a minimum power with regard to the LED (or bulb) but must necessarily be white the front one and the rear one red. Now the choice is relatively simple view of this rule, just choose between LED lights for bikes or reflectors with a lot of wire and dynamo. spotlight cycling. In the case of the reflector such as the bicycle reflector iron double lights Chrome or Old Style Taillight unfortunately we will have to apply a dynamo to operate our device, we will lose speed because of the friction of the dynamo but we will have a vintage bike more that never.

While if we choose the most “modern” lights to LED lights for bikes, that does not mean they can not be vintage as well, we will have only the problem of changing batteries every now and then (especially if we forget lit them) which may well be avoided by purchasing the bike lights with USB charger. We will enjoy in addition to everything an even greater range of bicycle lights than the spotlight, ranging from vintage bikes LED battery lights with chrome taillights simple silicone dough, but most important thing we can go also to choose the power of our flagship bike, in order to decide whether to simply “show us” or during a night downhill or any obstacle appears before riding our bicycles.

Very important they are also the rear LED lamps, due to their power light is projected around a hundred meters behind our bikes, so we will not have the problem of not being noticed coming home in a poorly lit roads. It is important to know that the bicycle lights are mandatory on our roads, in case of absence or even malfunction of one of them you risk financial penalties, but especially the use of lights is mainly essential for our personal safety. (Short ride without danger is more relaxing and enjoyable)