Bike Factory in Varberg

In Crescents and Monarch hometown Varberg yesterday evening in the bike’s character. Among the video works and a bicycle concert is the highlight of the evening premiere of the tribute film to the wheel, The True Wheel: The Noble Art of Wheel building.

The spoked bicycle wheel is in its simplicity a fascinating engineering master test. Fire souls Per Anders Nilsson and Mikael Forsman is behind The movie The True Wheel: The Noble Art of Wheelbuilding, which has its premiere at Theater Halland Saturday on August 31.The film is targeting spotlight against wheel building and how it is actually going to build a lightweight, round and strong wheels. A series of opposites which are United meddelst wheel, hub and a handful of spokes.

We follow into Monarch factory in Varberg and take advantage of wheel manufacturer and see how Lars Tauson from bike shop Bike Tyson in kungsbacka, including world champion Susanne Ljungskog delivered, wheel, wheel builds. Lars Tauson will be in place and build the wheel. Monarch restaurant grills and delivering food at the same time as Monarch and Crescents model range can be seen.

19:00 concert begins with bicycle in focus where work is performed accompanied by video works.

Below the press release in its entirety.

“Bicycle concert stage 3 Varberg – the true wheel

A nice meeting place for cycling fans is when cycling the concerts now reaches Varberg with stage 3. Meet representatives of the bike in the bicycle city of Varberg in Halland Theatre and experience the premiere of The True Wheel: The Noble Art of Wheel building.

The True Wheel: The Noble Art of Wheel building is Per Anders Nilsson and Erik Jeppssons tribute video to the wheel and here we get both glimpses of wheel production at Monark factory in Varberg by Lars Tausons crafts. In his bike shop, there are many bike safety lights made for Swedish cyclists, including cycle world champion Susanne Ljungskog. Here we have the videos Giro in Ale, Susanne Ljungskog and dedicated to the Peloton just 2 which was created for 90-year Jubilee Mölndals Bicycle Club. We also follow Per Anders Nilsson and Erik Jeppssons previous cinematic tricks, samples, loops and electronic excursions in the Peloton 1 and 2. With the musical flights, follow the country´s leading percussionists Einar Nielsen and Jonas Larsson. In the Surtetempot out of the Giro in Ale, we follow Susanne Ladygirl Surte around and the way forward in the video by Eleonor Holst to music by Mikael Forsman. Experience also Einar Nielsen to irresistible works for prepared cycle.