Bike Lights Repair

Torn bicycle locks, broken headlights and flat tires are just in big cities a familiar sight in many public bike racks. In particular, the lighting is neglected by most bike lovers. On it depends, however, especially in the winter months. Not that only look out at dusk or early evening nothing, no, you are no longer perceived quickly enough for other users. At worst, you can taste this negligence life. How do you get broken light on your bike back to light, we therefore tell you here.

catching lamp bulb

An easily be rectified defect in terms of bike lighting is a broken lamp bulb or halogen lamp. Check if the lamp is easily blown. Open this lamp box and replace the bulb simply.

test cable

Old bikes with dynamo lighting are often equipped with a single-core cabling. It must be noted that only one cable for there to conduct current to the lamp. The return flow is returned via the bicycle frame or on the fenders. Does your bike just recognized a lot of rust on the frame, characterized without interruption of the current circuit. Therefore, check the power circuit carefully. Remedy for example the attachment of rubber hoses to protect.

Set Dynamo properly

Do not touch the Dynamo head the tires, which can not lead to the lights of the system with the best intentions. Therefore check before every ride the wheel if the dynamo is still set correctly. should be one centimeter in unused condition as between the roller and the tire of your Dynamos. It is important that behaves the longitudinal axis of the dynamo in approximately perpendicular to the center of the impeller.

Check plug connections

One reason for non-functioning lighting on the bicycle can be a loose or wobbly connecting the bicycle system. Rusted connections also often provide a ray of failure. With a nail file of sandpaper to get the rust easily back off the plug connections from. Does this method not to bring your bike to light, check cable connections for proper fit again.